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The Conjuring: The TV Series is coming to MAX | television

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In announcing its rebranding of HBO Max, now called MAX, the franchise was revealed Sorcery – evocation It will spill over to the small screen: a horror-drama series in development from James Wan and Peter Safran and their company Atomic Monster and The Safran, which if officially ordered will stream on the streaming platform.

Little or nothing we know about the project other than that it “will continue the story that began with the films.”

The saga, which began in 2013, consists of eight films released to date: There is the main story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, told in SorceryAnd Conjuring 2And The Conjuring 3: By Order of the Devil; The two also appeared in Annabelle 3. Then there’s exactly the story of the Annabelle doll in which she appears AnnabelAnd Annabelle 2: Creation And Annabelle 3. Then there are the spin-offs La Llorona – Tears of Evil And the nun. It will be released in September The nun 2Finally, the fourth film of the main saga is in development. sorcery 4again with Wilson and Farmiga.

The franchise has been incredibly profitable, and it makes perfect sense to expand it to the small screen, perhaps with an American Horror Story anthology…

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