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Matrix Resurrections, The Simpsons predicted the reboot for nearly twenty years

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It has already arrived in American theaters Resurrection Matrix, chapter four of the saga directed by the Wachoski Sisters. Among the thousands of disturbing events that have been predicted over the years, The Simpsons has now been able to predict the release of the reboot and even the release date. Almost twenty years in advance!

With 33 seasons under his belt and a total of 713 episodes over thirty years – the Berlin Wall had just fallen when it first aired – I’m Simpson I’m still one of animated sitcom The most famous in American television history and beyond. By pointing the magnifying glass at the family that gives the title to the series, that genius of Matt Groening – the former author of Futurama – has succeeded in creating a perfect cross-section of the contradictions of the American middle class and in general the history of the United States, and those of today and yesterday.

It will be his incredible prophetic abilities, great knowledge of American logic or even just the fact that with 713 episodes and thousands of historical alternatives, sooner or later we get caught by chance. But one of the most famous and sometimes disturbing aspects of the series is his The ability to predict events Which then materializes, with very little difference. US Presidencies, Super Bowl scores and the attacks that made history: The Simpsons have taken us countless times. here More disturbing predictions from The Simpsons achieved.

And they’ve done it again, wonderfully again, with the release of the final chapter of matrix Signed by Lana Wachoski, which sees the return of my two great trilogy heroes, Neo (Keanu Reeves(e Trinity)Carrie Ann Moss), in the fictional and virtual world created by the machines that have taken over the surface. From the first images of the trailer, the two seem oblivious to the battle that took place in the early films, forced to relive their past and their love story starting from scratch, in a new style. Morpheus – Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the place of Lawrence Fishburne – to give him: “Red or blue pill?”

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Here the movie will arrive, splitting the new year, January 1st, but we We have already reviewed the revival of the matrix Since the movie hit US theaters two days ago, it’s been December 22Just in time for Christmas. Now, some fans on social media have found a frame from Episode 14 of Season 15, which aired on March 14, 2004. As you can see in the post below the article, a poster of Neo appears behind Homer in a new photo. Movie: Christmas Matrix. Neither the title nor the plot will be, but the episode aired after the end of the trilogy, so in a sense I was expecting chapter four and its release season, right on Christmas! In the meantime, you’ve seen the rankings on Fans’ favorite Simpsons character? What is yours? Tell us in the comments!

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