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RE-READ LIVE – Dimaro 2023: ADL: “Soon to the transfer market, 4-year agreement with Trentino”, Valentina DL: “Several news for the fans”, Meret: “What a pride Dimaro’s conquest”

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source: From Castel Volturno, Antonio Gaetto

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Summer preparation SSC Naples It will start again this year in Dimaro Folgarida, in Val di Sole, at the foot of the Dolomites. The appointment will be officially presented to the press today at 12.30 at the Konami Training Center in Castel Volturno. Among others, President of SSC Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis, Roberto Filoni (Tourism Consultant in Trentino), Maurizio Rossini (CEO of Marketing in Trentino), Luciano Rizzi (President of APT Val di Sole) and Andrea Lazzaroni (Mayor of the Municipality of Trentino Dimaro Folgareda). On, as always, you can follow the press conference live

12.48 Enter ADL, but Spalletti does not exist

13.00 – There is also Merritt and Valentina de Laurentiis, as well as the Dimaro Foundations. The press conference begins

13.02 – De Laurentiis took the floor and immediately clarified: “Today we are talking about Trentino’s retirement. We have an important match against Inter, there will be different conferences to talk about football, and here we are also talking about retirement because there is some news. Otherwise I have to get up and leave, which is not I can do, however, out of respect for you and my guests. Here is my daughter Valentina who, since we have been producing technical stuff, with my friend Armani who has the honor of providing us with his brand, has now become a pillar of our society. We set out in a very difficult moment of Covid. It was a complicated beginning, I had agreements for the transfer of materials from China, with a company in Bergamo on fabrics and we went off with many difficulties and the whole technical department asked me if there was a risk of starting with old shirts on day one? In that professionalism. Today as today is a very important asset, when I see the funny situation in teams even so important, I look at my daughter and say “we are really a bomb, creators”.

ADL also introduces his daughter Valentina on DiMaro’s retirement and any news: “We are expecting a huge influx of people, we have checked and evaluated the slightly larger reception spaces for better services and entertainment as well as a second shop on site, larger than usual. We would like to make a path for fans’ photos with the trophy, several very interesting things to improve and start an era New because Napoli wants to shine in every sense of the word.

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ADL regarding the contractual situation with Trentino: “I tell you clearly because sometimes I read inaccurate things: we have terminated our contract and have reached an agreement that binds our friendship that has lasted for 13 years, in addition to this withdrawal that is about to begin the next three years”

The association also thanks Merritt, who was present at the press conference“I have to thank Merritt, who has always been critical, but we supported him and made this tournament exceptional,” he said.

13.12 – It is the turn of the Trentino institutions who have also formalized the dates already leaked.

1.25pm ​​- An additional effort was also announced to build an additional second stand to be able to accommodate more fans due to the expected huge influx.

1.30pm – Another novelty is the summer camps for children, branded by SSCNapoli, lasting 6 days.

1.37 p.mMerritt steps in on how DiMaro’s retirement experience: “I’ve done a lot of things, it’s always a pleasure to be back, we always work very well, the structures are excellent, the pitch is always very nice and the temperature allows us to work intensely and in front of our fans who are always a lot. It’s an important stage for our season.” “He is putting his feet up, we have to get to know the new players and we have to introduce new tactical things. It’s a key stage and we do it there calmly and in the best possible way. This year will be even more beautiful because the sequel will be bigger. I also thank the president for the words for me.”

13.40 – Mr. President, will the new shirts be presented during the retreat? But his daughter Valentina steps in and takes care of it.
“Surprise…during the retreat there will be some presentations. We made the three T-shirts, Halloween that they really liked, T-shirts with reindeer too, some didn’t like it but the numbers speak for themselves, then Valentine’s Day. More this year? Plus, We are evaluating other projects.”

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Merritt, how important is canon’s decline as opposed to the other big names that are running around?
“Anyway, it helps you to know the structures and actually work. Staying there even for friendlies without traveling is another important thing, it allows us to work, rest and face everything in the best possible way.” ADL adds: “The other year we had many invitations, too many, offering us money and planes, but I forced foreign football teams, by paying, to come to us. We had to not train, go away, abroad, and then, after a day offloading, train those Who didn’t play a lot, then back and in this preparation month, how many days would it have been wasted? It’s the beginning of preparation, but these retreats worked, how many accidents do they avoid? A lot. Once I fell in love with it, but in Detroit they couldn’t fill the field which had more than 100,000 seats. And even paid so much, I’d rather give it to Emilia, we’re playing here.”

13.50 – Merritt, a year ago there was a bit of a disappointment with arrivals, now we’re talking about 100,000 arrivals. Thank you.
“Yes, for everyone, it was unthinkable at the beginning, but we believed in it from day one despite the changes in the squad. The credit goes to everyone and if there are a lot of fans, it’s an honor for us.”

13.55 – ADL where players will be in Dimaro blowouts: “It’s very simple, we consider our players very important and during my 19 years we have always made adjustments, even the other year I told one of you who was frustrated we were going to try to win the championship, we promised to keep. You can always do more, it’s a duty, I’ve always enjoyed competing in Both cinema 100% or as now in half service, then in football, but it is clear that in the future colored by Azzurrissimo we have to think about the transfer market.Now they researched, smelled, analyzed, but until the championship is over no You can give everyone the right to vote, but every year there was always someone who went and someone who came, but precisely in that tournament Dimaro or maybe a week ago we meet again to talk about it. Today as now, what’s my answer?”

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14.00 – How many days after DiMaro’s retirement will the contents of the dinner with Spalletti be revealed?
“It was Friday dinner, friendship dinner, Thanksgiving, at one point it was almost a mystery because we knew we won the Scudetto, but when? It also depended on other matches and then for Udinese I came up with the idea to celebrate and there were 54,000 and that was One doesn’t necessarily want to be the center of attention at any cost, I could have called in the dressing room and complimented them live, but it was their moment and that was just let them and the coach enjoy it. There was a celebration with Fiorentina, winning without even having to, and it was We have an event that has brought me praise even from abroad as I move to present the trophy handover ceremony on the fourth I’ve read a lot of things it’s always been on the fourth, 7pm and after the game the boxes will then be set up and I think, I think, one of the 520m And I will still put dozens of screens bigger than I then called Fiorello, who always tells me to go to him, and asked him to create his structure in Maradona to start from the centrality of the world that is Naples. Maybe it will continue until after midnight … Maybe he will say no “

14.10 – End of the press conference

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