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Perplexed: “Eriksen? Today he is in a different football. And he is very tolerant of that…”

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Journalist’s analysis: “Eriksen today lives like an ordinary athlete and has something next to his heart that helps him live better”

Among the pages of today’s edition of Corriere della Sera, Mario SconcertReporter spoke so Christian Eriksen And his return to great football: “If life is a beating heart, then Eriksen is a man who has been literally revived. In 98 percent there was a genetic anomaly behind it, this is how we are born, a little incomplete analysis. It was decided to transplant Eriksen with Small defibrillator for managing heart rhythm.After all, a routine operation, not trivial but common.But Eriksen at that time was playing in the Italian team, Inter, and in Italy, if you have this small device inside the chest, you are not qualified to exercise.

So Eriksen signed with Brentford at the end of January, starting again in the middle of the English team. He’s a great player on any team, but he’s alive. Today, Eriksen lives as an ordinary athlete and has something next to his heart that helps him live better. In the past 100 days, he has played ten Premier League matches, 848 minutes and even scored a goal. When he returned to the field against Norwich in early March, he found Taylor, the same referee who had officiated the cardiac arrest match. Life is strange. Today Eriksen plays as he is known, and that’s good and calm. He has always been a thinker, and one of those players who decides even from a standing position. The British say there are no differences between the boy who played for Tottenham and this boy from Brentford. Eriksen is a football manager, and the exception is not the rule. So he hides from the memory of the disease.

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He also returned to play for the national team and continues to earn 9 million 620 thousand euros annually, 185 thousand weekly. English football can be violent but it knows how to stand out. Eriksen was respectful even when he had no calendar in his heart. Today the opponent is somewhat conditioned by his history and illness. Eriksen travels the field like a crystal cup that anyone can hit but no one wants to hurt him. In that first match against Norwich, it was Eriksen who came from behind on Brandon Williams. I hugged him and pushed him to the ground. Williams got up angrily, resolved to protest, and then saw it was Eriksen and hugged her. Today, Eriksen is inside a different football. Even if it was the same, it was the others who changed. And he is very tolerant of this, he wants old opponents, he wants new heroes. And no one knows yet if something went wrong.”

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