December 11, 2023

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Cairo: “Football does not deserve help, but it needs it and pays 70% of sports taxes”

Cairo: “Football does not deserve help, but it needs it and pays 70% of sports taxes”

reached before Gazeta on the sidelines of the calendar display for men 2023And the urban Cairopresident Turincommented the first part of the season to the Bombs: “We started the tournament well, we could have won some games we drew, some we lost undeservedly. The transfer market has given our coach a good lifeline, and he is good at developing both young and old talents.” Whether. He’s recovered from some players who were struggling or had less good seasons, look at Rodriguez who seemed to be having a hard time in his first year at Toro, or Linetti and Diggy. Many young players.”

Five players from Turin in the World Cup, how does that affect you?“Good thing, I’m happy. I was very sorry for Serbia, and it’s a pity because they could have done more. Croatia did well, I saw they qualified and Vlasic scored the first penalty. Tomorrow we’ll have Switzerland with our national team. Rodriguez, I’m cheering for our players.”

There is a lot of talk about potential soccer aids.
“Football, from a certain point of view, does not deserve help, because it has made mistakes, in the sense of increasing the cost. However, it has also had undeniable problems related to Covid, like all other sectors. It deserves help, but it needs it: because of Covid, I think That football needs help, because it sustains a large part of Italian sport. And it contributes to the taxation of 70% of sport: we don’t deserve it, but we need it.”

What does it mean to extend the term of television contracts for five years?
“It would be a positive thing, because the actor who enters, like Dozenor how sky Same at the beginning, in the first year you lose, in the second you break even, in the third year you start earning. Having two more years will allow for more rough offers.”

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