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Isola, Vera Gemma in competition at the Venice Film Festival

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after the experience a Celebrity IslandThe former outcast has returned to the scent of movie sets. On the other hand for vera gemma Cinema has always been a matter of … a family. Phenomenal daughter Giuliano GemmaFormer contestant on the reality show he hosted Elari Placewas chosen by Pizza Coffee And the Rainer Frimmel To play a movie about his life. the address? veranaturally!

As I mentioned Corriere della SeraThe film will be in competition at the Venice Film Festival in the section horizons. On the pages of the newspaper vera gemma He told how his collaboration with directors was born:

tisa He was working on this document on the Four Hands Circus Rainer Frimmel And I was in a tent on the outskirts of Rome, training as a tamer. her curiosity. We started talking and complicity started. I have watched their movies and liked them. As a joke, I said: I’ll show you too. When he told me he was writing a movie with me as the protagonist, I didn’t want to believe it.

It’s inspired by some of the things that happened to me. I am the one who moved away from the world of hypocrisy in which I do not understand. You are not taken for auditions, you are not the beauty or the ugly that makes you laugh so much and not find a place. In the movie, Vera moves away from her environment to throw herself into the town world in search of the truth. I gave my soul, as I made my own stylist, as shown in the credits.

In the cast next to Daniel de PalmaAnd the Sebastian Descalo, best friend Asia Argento.

Make it my best friend. We became single when she was 11 and I was 15. I immediately understood her absolute genius. We read poetry, we wept together on the lines of Hermann Hesse. We never parted, she knows me better than my sister, without taking anything from me.

About his father, the unforgettable actor who would have turned 84 on September 2nd:

I’ll be in the lido with the movie. He never went to the fair. I like to think he will be watching me.

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