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Ravenna. “Xxn” Shades of Women of Science: Presentation in the Magia to discover that intelligence has no gender

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Twenty scientists and twenty women who have revolutionized the worlds of mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, philosophy and information technology will be the protagonists of the show “Xxn” Shadows of Women of Science, which will take place on Wednesday 5 April in Almaggia Ravenna. The ten o’clock representation will be reserved for secondary school students and the one at 8.30 pm will be aimed at nationals. On stage, the actress Sarah D’Amario, characterized by simplicity, lightness and humor, will lead the audience on a journey through time to discover twenty extraordinary scientists: from actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, passing by Hypatia, Sophie Germain; the period of “witches” and the period of female graduates or first teachers; From the fascination of corn to the ethical implications of DNA “scissors” to the present day.

“The project – explains the Gender Policy and Culture Consultant, Federica Moschini – is part of the awareness-raising actions carried out by the municipal administration, which aims to make women understand the importance in the various fields of science, to recognize the contribution they have made and to smash the prejudice that to this day still wants Young girls’ talent in scientific subjects. The show highlights the necessity of liberation from this mental form, which is not biological in nature, but rather social and cultural.”

The exhibition, which is free of charge, is part of the “March 8 throughout the year” project implemented by the “Amici di Smeralda” association with the participation of the municipality and which provides awareness-raising activities to provide tools aimed at recognizing discrimination and stereotypes; Cooperating with schools to shed light on female personalities who have distinguished themselves in the fields of philosophy, history, art, culture, social commitment, the world of work, scientific and sports studies, and in every field related to teaching and education, because as display highlights, intelligence has no gender.

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