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Starlink, priority access in the US and Canada has been postponed until February

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There is little change in plans To Starling For that moment This applies to North America and the residential market only. Elon Musk’s company announced last month A Policy change Regulates the use of the satellite network for each user. Well, the message will not be used immediately, ie this month, but a February 2023. A shift for two months, on the whole, doesn’t change much in the way customers use the service.

The US site says:

To ensure that our customer base is not affected by a small number of users using unusually large amounts of data, From February 2023 onwards The Starlink Group will implement a fair usage policy for residential customers as well as commercial and marine customers in the United States and Canada.

It is expected that a Maximum limit is 1TB per month with Priority AccessThat means at maximum connection speed. In Italy it is not applied to residential customers, but only to business and mobile customers, while in other markets (including the US and Canada) it applies to all types of customers, including residential. The limits apply only to access speed and network quality between 7 and 23 and for others 24/7: up to 1TB you have priority access (ie maximum speed and quality), above 1TB you get basic access in case of network congestion.

Nothing will change for Italy: Residential customers – as already predicted – will use the service regularly without limits, so the new access system will be used, without distinguishing between priority and non-priority access. Fixed commercial customers and marine sector starting this December. The contrast is worrying USA and Canada onlyResidential, commercial and maritime customers can freely exceed the amount of data available per month with no speed limits. Until February next year.

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07 Nov

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