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You will have to enter the phone number to play –

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Blizzard revealed it Monitor 2 It will use a new security system, SMS Protectionwhich requires you to enter a file phone number. Without it, it would not be possible to play for free.

During official siteBlizzard states: SMS Protect is a big game changer. This extra layer of security is an industry-proven solution to combating fraud and misconduct, further protecting your Overwatch 2 experience from bad guys.”

“there safety In matters relating to your account, SMS Protect helps verify ownership of your account in case it is exposed to unexpected danger. Likewise, if an annoying player is stopped or banned, SMS Protect makes it more difficult for them to return to the game.”

Three Overwatch 2 characters

start From 4 October 2022All players on all platforms, including consoles, will need to have a phone number associated with their account in order to play Overwatch 2. The same phone number cannot be used on multiple accounts at the same time and players cannot use the same phone number To create new accounts. The phone number can only be used once when creating a new account, and some types of numbers, including prepaid numbers and VOIP numbers, cannot be used for SMS protection.”

“Even if you have one Previous version of OverwatchSMS Protect must be activated to play Overwatch 2.

Finally, we point out that Overwatch 2 VP is interested in cross-collaboration with various brands in the style of Fortnite.

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