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Armocromia, what is the science of color chosen by Ellie Schlein

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“I have an image consultant who’s an expert on color schemes,” Pd’s new secretary Elly Schlein said in an interview. vogue italia, A phrase that has made more than one person turn black with yellow or red with anger, just to stay on the subject of colors. But what does color harmony mean?

What does “harmony” mean?

Harmony of Gr. ἁρµονία “union”, “proportion”, “agreement” and -chromia from gr. -χρωμία, dir. by χρῶμα “color”. – the second element of compound words derived from Greek or formed in a modern way (such as monochromatic, polychrome, non-fading, etc.), in which it means “color, coloring,” explains Trikani.

Color analysis is a science based on The combination of skin, eyes and hair, but also the shape of the face, builds and defines the perfect color palette for clothes and accessories Each of us, that is, the combination of colors capable of making us look prettier, younger and fitter. The first rule of color analysis is to choose the colors you want to wear by “replicating” your natural colors. Let’s give some examples: If a person has a warm complexion it will be enhanced by warm colors, while a person with a cool skin tone will be enhanced by cold colors.

“The color system was born in film studios with the advent of color television,” says Luca Mannucci. “At that time it was important to understand which colors can give actresses the most: this is how the theory of the four seasons took root,” explains the make-up artist. beauty: winter with fair skin and dark hair, autumn with brown or brown hair, summer with different blondes and light eyes …

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Shalin amid cries for editing and screaming magazines…

Thus the progressive left advances between style and shamanic art, Between magic and communication marketing. It must be said that the colors are in the arts of magic and alchemy, so in the Great Work (the transformational passage from Negredo, Albedo to Rubido) they have always been considered as forces that transmit powers and charisma.

So while on April 25 we were in the squares to remember the end of the occupation From Nazi Fascism to the Cry for LiberationNew left icon, stood in a studio Fashion magazine … Cry.

And I think that one day, not too long ago, there was talk of a political color…

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