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Queen’s Jubilee, Today’s Events | The Queen looks out from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, concluding the show with Ed Sheeran

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From Enrica Rodolo, our London correspondent and online editor

The last day of the jubilee opened with a big lunch, tables in the country streets, and a parade in central London with soldiers, actors, musicians and artists. Ed Sheeran closes in concert in front of Buckingham Palace

Last day of public celebrations in London: ends today Platinum Jubilee dedicated to 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth IIa milestone not achieved by any sovereign in the history of the British monarchy.

The Queen thanks her subjects: I am still at your service

I remain committed to serving the United Kingdom and its subjects to the best of my ability, with the support of my family, 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II writes in a letter of thanks to the country at the conclusion of the platinum jubilee celebrations of her 70 years on the throne, regrets not being able to attend all the events on the program But she also said she was inspired by the kindness and encouragement she has received from so many people, as well as deeply moved.

The Queen and the National Anthem

The Queen with Charles, William and little Prince George (Camilla, Kate and their children). Final peace for this jubilee Reign to the line of succession to the throne. With a green, happy smile, The 96-year-old Queen greets the world: 1 billion people around the world are following it, say hi and you are happy. The future is secured by Charles, William, George and the line of succession with them all to that balcony. As members of the royal family wave the national anthem, God save the Queen, which the crowd sang along.

Swans, lions, corgi and a taste of Bollywood with wedding cake 1947

The Queen’s love for Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, sparked the magnificent cake on November 20, 1947, which was paraded along the mall in a colorful, choreographed, choreography. While The Coronation, is part of the long show with 10,000 heroes including military volunteers and artists, which reminds of the coronation moment in 1953 with the game of cultures and traditions, because the goal of the competition is to speak to a population more and more multiethnic.

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Diversity and the handicapped, the all-encompassing show of the queen

From Paralympic athletes to people with disabilities, an inclusive parade to allow everyone to party, as predicted by master of this glamorous parade Adrian Evans to Courier, who blended the story with the golden coach back into today’s world, with pop music and glamorous touches like the Ladies Parade in The Jaguar that overruns the mall (an old Jaguar also needed help with an unexpected crash).

Rubric’s Cube, Queen’s Encounter with Mandela (and Little George’s Curiosity)

The Queen’s meeting with Nelson Mandela – in 70 years of rule throughout history as a hero – but also the Cube Rubrik’s parade into the mall as the young princes begin to watch George in astonishment as a story unfolds they didn’t know. But for them, even the heroes of British children’s television are taking to the streets. Then the characters from the teletubbies conquered the world as it would later be for Peppa Pig.

The Swinging London that conquers the youth

The euphoria of the breakaway ’60s that put London at the center of the world stage — with Twiggy and the Beatles, Vidal Sassoon’s bob and Mary Quant’s miniskirt — takes to the streets at The Mall. It’s the liveliest part of the platinum pageant with the music, costumes and choreography that then carry the word to the next decade, the 1970s. It was a much more complicated time for London, but one that the Queen bravely passed through. The decade in which in 1977 she celebrated her first jubilee, the Silver Jubilee.

The euphoria generated by the post-war boom is reviving London

After a display of military might to escort the royal chariot, here’s the heart of the parade, dedicated to reenacting vintage motorbikes and cars, led by a crowd dressed as if a time machine brought hands back to the 1950s, 60’s, 70’s and even today. Among the street dances evoking the euphoria of the post-war boom the Queen experienced at the start of her long reign. Once upon a time, “a moment of our lives” as the organizers called it, which Her Majesty certainly did not forget.

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Flags (and future) of the Commonwealth

All 54 Commonwealth flags pointing to London and the Queen are now paraded in front of Windsors and along the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. Commonwealth where Carlo and Camilla will soon take one of their next trips abroad to represent the Queen. Destination Rwanda. The Network of Nations is the network most under discussion today, and this Jubilee Parade actually seeks to summon the power of the Union and remove the specter of the transition to the Republic that the various governments of the Commonwealth of Nations hope for.

In the royal family and the government

In the royal box on the stage in front of Buckingham Palace, around the heir to the throne Prince Charles, the whole of the Windsor family was gathered by William with Kate who brought the youngest member of the family, Prince Louis. Princess Anna, of the Wessex family but also less presentable advocates such as Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn, along with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with his wife.

the lunch

to report Great Jubilee Lunch (Great Jubilee Lunch) witnessed by the citizens organizing, from early afternoon, large tables in the streets and parks of the state. It happened already in 2009, on the occasion of the golden jubilee, and in 2012, on the occasion of the diamond jubilee.

wedding cake

A maxi wedding cake reminiscent of the Queen’s 1947 wedding of Philipwho died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99.

Big Show

Here is the Queen, in 1953 as she greeted the great crowd today as on June 2, 1953 when she traveled in the same carriage – the Gold State coach built for King George III – to London for the coronation at Westminster Abbey. The grand finale of the Platinum Jubilee begins. And the Young Queen is an illusion of technology but so perfect that it really does look like she’s paying homage, surrounded by the same festivity that existed 70 years ago. With the presence of the home cavalry accompanying the chariot. Among them are several female officers, which indicates that 70 years of history have already passed. Prince Charles, standing in the standing royal box, receives the royal salute as the royal carriage passes.

If the parade is a stellar show of multi-ethnic choreography, it’s the start of a true military parade featuring nearly 10,000 officers, artists, and volunteers in total. Also the only part tested with rehearsal. The army, from the Irish Guard to the Welsh Guard, represents all the armed forces of the country. It is no coincidence that today Carlo is not in his uniform, but in civilian clothes, waiting for the parade to pass. The Queen, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

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