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Now he has a month to return a shocking sum

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In Dorset, a county located in the southeastern part of Great Britain, a rather unique case occurred. A policewoman in charge of the circumstantial evidence room at the police station stole to fund her compulsive shopping. As reported daily MailThe thefts occurred between October 2018 and March 2022.


Lisa Arnold’s job was to catalog the evidence seized by her colleagues: however, the 53-year-old was accustomed to rummaging through the finds for money and other valuable goods, then putting the seals back in place. Despite the risks, the policewoman continued stealing for several months, and was able to circumvent the controls.

The woman was arrested on March 18, 2022, thanks to a report from colleagues. Subsequently, a search of his home led to the discovery of 17,000 euros hidden in his wardrobe. After her arrest, Lisa Arnold admitted to using embezzled funds to pay off debts stemming from shopping sprees. The woman explained that she developed this habit after separating from her husband.

the operation

Last January, the court sentenced her to 24 months in prison. However, another 9 months may soon be added to this period if the woman is unable to repay part of the stolen items within 28 days. The total of her thefts actually amounts to about 63 thousand euros, so the policewoman will have to start returning some of it as soon as possible.

These are Judge Evans’ words: “His actions have had a devastating impact on the public perception of our police. Her colleagues trusted her. “Such crimes stand in stark contrast to the quality standards expected of our officers.”

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