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New special edition of the super car

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary McLaren In Canada, Canadian importer Pfaff Decided to order 10 samples Limited edition McLaren 720S (Both coupe and spider version) 10th Anniversary of Canada MSO.

It also pays homage to the glorious history of the British carmaker and the first McLaren to be sold in Canada: the 2012 12C was delivered to Toronto. McLaren Special Activities (MSO) Plans to build three coupes and seven spiders McLaren 720S Canada 10th Anniversary MSOBuyers can collect at three McLaren dealerships in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The color structure pays homage to the first McLaren 12C delivered to Canada

Each car is only available in color Pure Black MSO Bespoke, Along with stealth rims, pay homage to 12C. In addition, there will be a stealth bag, MSO black bag and electrochromic glass roof over the spider. All of these are combined with McLaren Orange inserts on the brake caliper, front and side air intakes, rear diffuser, rear wing, as well as a black bar and a maple leaf.

On the way to the cockpit, every McLaren 720S Canada 10th Anniversary MSO will feature electric steering program, seats with heating and memory, electrical adjustment functions, carbon fiber trims, Powers & Wilkins audio system, Elements of McLaren Orange Alcantara MSO Bespoke with contrast stitching and MSO logos.

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