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Putting teams across Europe

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Inflammation and positivity boom after resuming preparation. Cases are on the rise abroad too

the league The various foreign leagues again collapsed into utter chaos due to the surge in Covid infections detected by swabs taken when preparations resumed after the Christmas holidays: positive cases appeared in almost all teams. And even abroad, the situation is complicated. Real time updates.

Team status by team
: Three members of the team team have not been identified
Bologna: 5 Positives: Molla, Hickey, Medel, Vignato and Santander + 3 complexes Primavera, Sansone and Soumaoro in quarantine
Cagliari: Nandez and Goldanega
Empoli: not positive
Fiorentina: 2 positive players and 3 close members of the first team
GenoaCoach Shevchenko, Serpi and another player
Inter: cordaz
Juventus: Vice President Nedved
Milan: Tatarusano and four members of the team team
Naples: Lozano, Koulibaly (in the African Cup of Nations), Boveli, Malcuit, Mario Rui, Zelensky, Meret, three employees and one warehouse worker
Rome: Unidentified player and Fuzato
Salerno: 8 positive players and 2 staff members
Sampdoria: not positive
Sassuolo: 3 positive first-team players, one of them is Peluso, and a team member
spices: not positive
Turin: 4 Positives in a team group, 3 players (one of them is Ansaldi) plus a team member
Udinese: 12 football players and 3 employees
Venice: positive
Verona: 10 positive players and 3 employees

Calcagno: “Few responsible players? 98% of them have been vaccinated”
“The ongoing epidemic is a problem too serious to be addressed with simplistic analyses. Unfortunately, when it comes to our category, prejudices and prejudices abound, and it is unfortunate that data in this sense have been read even by sports directors and editorial writers. There is no evidence that injuries are among players. It’s higher than usual and it’s a result of a few days off.” From the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss, President of Assocalciatori Umberto Calcagno analyzes the current situation and responds to criticism from those who have identified players’ behavior as casual over the Christmas holidays. “Moreover, in the period of respite – says Calcagno – which fits very busy calendars and three sports seasons are played virtually non-stop. I regret that few of them emphasized the great sense of responsibility in boys and girls who, without legal obligations, were vaccinated by 98 % was the engine for the timely resumption of competitive activity, with strict respect for the application of all rules and protocols to contain the epidemic.” Therefore, the AIC President affirms that “I deeply regret these disagreements, because we are talking about boys and girls who have made great sacrifices: to remember the protocols they faced, making it clear first that we understood the importance of respecting the rules and the importance of vaccinations.” “If all the residents had the same coverage as our class, today we would be able to face the general situation more calmly.”

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Bologna, Sanson and Somoro are still in quarantine
No trip to Cagliari for Sansone and Soumaoro: Sinisa Mihajlovic has lost two more pawns in addition to the five positive for Covid. The coach explained the reason for not being in the pre-match press conference: “We have to count to see who we go to Cagliari with. We have recovered Dominguez and Viola (Negative, editor), Sansone and Sumauro will not be there. Because “he is still forty.” In fact, ASL arranged five days for the team group and ten days for players who have just started their vaccination course. Somuro and Sanson are the two players who in recent days have faced a commitment with a boost green pass, broke the delay and decided to get vaccinated, which is why they will return for Monday’s match with Napoli, but will have to skip the match away from Cagliari.

Bologna: 3 positive spring
The Covid situation in Bologna’s home is getting more and more complicated. The Emily club announced that after the tests carried out, positivity in Covid-19 was detected for players Wisdom Amey, Botond Bartha and Kacper Urbanski, who are grouped with the first team. According to the protocol, stated in the memo, local health authorities were warned and players were placed in home isolation.

Juventus: Positive lights, no excess
Juventus announced that “Andrea Agnelli, who tested positive for Covid, will not be present in the Super Cup final on Wednesday. He has not shown symptoms of the disease and has not been in contact with the team group.”

Costa: “After the climax we will take a point on the court”
“In the stadiums there was the assumption of responsibility by Lega Calcio after a meeting with Prime Minister Draghi. Hence the decision to move to a maximum capacity of 5 thousand spectators for two days, starting on January 16. The choice to participate.” Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, said this morning during a visit to the Public Assistance Service in La Spezia. According to the foundations of the government, “This allows us to limit the chain of potential gatherings. Let’s not forget that the capacity for 50% means sending more than 40 thousand people to San Siro or the Olympico in Rome. Important numbers ahead of Omicron, which shows a higher spread of infection. After these two In the two weeks we will assess the situation – and conclude that – but we hope in January to overcome the peak of infection to enter a more controllable phase.”

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England: Close to any VAX to return from abroad
Premier League players who have not been vaccinated against Covid will have to skip some matches when they return to the UK after a stay abroad: this is the legislative change that the ministry responsible for professional sport intends to introduce. Under current rules, non-vaccinated elite athletes, upon return to the UK, are exempt from the 10-day quarantine requirement for training and/or competition. A restriction that may cease to exist soon – he wrote in the Daily Telegraph – at the will of Minister Nadine Dorries, holder of the Ministry of Culture (in charge of sports), who seems no longer willing to accept exceptions. With obvious consequences for English clubs participating in European competitions, which will not be able to field their unvaccinated players in matches immediately after overseas trips. Restrict – government sources explain – to pay professional athletes to get vaccinated. “If you want to enjoy special treatment, you have to do your part for public health and safety. Because the vaccine is not a personal matter, it is about others as well.”

Bologna: Three cured, five remaining
After five days of quarantine imposed by the ASL, Bologna returns to the train, which will depart this afternoon with a chartered flight to Cagliari. Viola, Dominguez and Van Hooydonk are also back at work, who were rejected by Covid. The positive players Hickey, Middle, Mola, Vignato and Santander are still in isolation, the latter being banned in Paraguay where he was infected at home over the Christmas holidays.

Liverpool and Klopp: ‘Too many false positives’
The outbreak of the Corona virus, Covid-19, which led to the postponement of the first leg of the League Cup, first leg, which was scheduled for January 6 against Arsenal, was characterized by “several false positives”. This was stated by the director of the Reds, Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool had reported that a “serious outbreak” had prevented the club from fielding a squad against Arsenal at London’s Emirates Stadium. However, Klopp has now made it clear that defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is the only player who is truly positive.

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Al-Busiti: “An obligatory vaccine for players”
“Footballers need to be vaccinated, even to give an example. Football is a sector in which it has to be mandatory, because it is a job that is at risk of infection. So, for vaccinated footballers, Covid becomes little more than influenza.” This was stated by Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, who spoke on Anch’Io Sport on Radio1. “We must get out of this logic of barriers. If every positive and all his contacts are isolated, then the country is blocked,” he added.

BASSETTI: “Limited bug of 5,000 fans”
“A mistake in restricting access to stadiums to 5,000 fans. It’s hard to digest for those who have been vaccinated. It’s another way to hit football, like discos and entertainment venues without logic.” It’s a thought Matteo BassettiDirector of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa for Sports Radio mics as well. “The stadiums – he adds – if you follow the rules they are safe places. It seems to me a smart position in managing this phase of the epidemic. The truth is that Omicron, the least aggressive, has not replaced Delta.” .

Siciliano: “Shrink capacity? Better than ever”
“Football’s ‘spontaneous’ decision to reduce the capacity of Serie A stadiums comes only after the prime minister’s awareness. Better late than never. Unfortunately, this means that the potential danger we face is not yet understood.” say it Fabio SicilianoMember of the Technical Scientific Committee in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “Culture should not be afraid at the moment – as Siciliano points out -. The way we can ensure orderly ways of entering and exiting cinemas and theaters also due to fewer people than assemblies of stadiums, more respect for and monitoring of the rules of prevention, and allowing for the time being to continue their use at a level enough safety.”

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