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“He cheats outrageously in Rome, he’s a mess. He doesn’t know how to talk about football, I can do that.”

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Speaking to Bobo TV last night, Antonio Cassano went on to reply to Jose Mourinho who said, after the match against Turin, the following words: “Cassano played for Roma, Inter and Real: in Madrid he is remembered for his jacket, with Roma he won the Super Cup without playing, with Inter He hasn’t even won the Lombardy Cup. You know what I won with Inter, Real Madrid and Roma. He’ll have a problem with me, I won’t just say it. He has one thing: watch out you’re Antonio, you’re 40 and I’m 60, sometimes Marco Livajas comes on and then It’s going to be hard.”

the answer – Yesterday evening, the former footballer’s response came: “I can swear by what I want, in my career, I never went back to strikes. I abused managers, warehouse workers, coaches, bosses and threw TVs at managers but I always took responsibility. Some bunnies of him made him fool dear Jose Mourinho. Number two, he rightly said I didn’t win anything at Roma, Inter or Real. So, ask Roma: I went to Rome for one fact only, Football for me is love, passion and fun. If I wanted to win easily, I would have gone to Juventus. I spent 5 wonderful years in DC. Go ask Signor Totti, De Rossi and Conti what Cassano has done for 5 years. made fans have fun, They love me because I enjoyed them. He won in Rome but I don’t care. Rome makes an outrageous, foolish mess. Everyone throws themselves on the floor, quarrels, disasters. Inter question, I haven’t won the Lombardy Cup, I don’t want to win anything. I have always played to entertain the masses. He wins playing obscene football, he talks but he has to understand he’s poor, he’s poor as a coach. His football remained 30 years old. Madrid question, do they remember me just for the jacket? Dear Mourinho, I forgot one more essential thing: in addition to the vest, I had two watches, four rings and a shameful hair but above all they called me gordito. I went there when I was 23 years old, and if they took me, it means that I was a real phenomenon. I’m not going to lick ass, I went in there and screwed myself up. Instead, they remind you in Madrid why you played terrible football. Fights, messes, wherever you go, you make movies. You can’t talk about football, I can do it.”

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