All open in the ICE Hockey League’s team-winning one-day final between EC Red Bull Salzburg and HCB Südtirol Alperia. Like the first match, the second also went to the home team 1: 0. The top scorer for Salzburg was Martin Steinoch (31.), who scored for the Red Bulls for the first time. On Tuesday, Bolzano will have the advantage of playing at home and thus the possibility of regaining control of the series. TV partner PULS 24 will broadcast the match live (7.30pm) in addition to the live broadcast.

After the narrow defeat they made up for in the first match in Bolzano, Salzburg immediately made it clear that they wanted to immediately put the matter back on balance and they did so by pressing Bolzano’s third defense in a decisive way. However, the Foxens’ defense commanded around Sam Harvey, so attentive to all the pucks the hosts throw at his goal that he re-launched the move several times with quick counter-attacks. After a continuous stage of attack by the hosts, Coach Hanlon’s team was able to catch a breath and present more attacks towards the Austrian cage, where he had the most noisy opportunity in the last half with Daniel Mantenotto, very ready to turn towards the opponent’s goal. It was a disc from Frank that Tolvanen had put his boot on to deviate. The final was played by the visitors but both teams rested without finding their way to the net despite their chances.

In the second half, both teams play openly even if it is the property owners who have the clearest chances, first with Baltram and then with Bourke but finding Harvey excellent in front of their conclusions who immediately closes the mirror either way. The two teams beat two scores unscathed, and then Salzburg advanced on a puck that was conquered by Ravel and sent to the onrushing Stagnosch, who is so adept at speeding up two opponents and then freezing the Foxes’ fullbacks with an accurate backhand.. Having found the advantage, the hosts seem to be able to find the right momentum to double their lead, but Bolzano fights back and closes the second half 1-0 up and with a third period to play.

Flickering in the third break, where the two teams do not spare difficult shots but always maintain a certain discipline, so much so that with the passing of the minutes the chances of scoring clearly disappear. Salzburg keeps the lead in the match against Bolzano trying to play a throw-in, but both teams can’t find really dangerous shots, so the final rush is reached. The last minutes Bolzano comes out looking for an equalizer by staying constantly in the Austrian defensive third, only to have a great chance a minute from the end when Voukotis ends up in the penalty area and Bolzano’s bench asks for time to stage the final climb. At 6 vs 4. The minute Bolzano can’t find the right dynamics to hit a clean shot. Salzburg wins with the same result as in Match 1, 1-0 which puts everything back in a tie towards the new match at the Palaonda on Tuesday 11 April.

Geba / Red Bulls photo

WIN2DAY ICE HOCKEY LEAGUE | “Best of 7” series finale | Race 2:
Referees: OFNER, STERNAT, RIECKEN, SEEWALD. | Spectators: 3,400
Final series in drawing 1 a1

RBS targets: Stajnoch M. (31).

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