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Everyone makes a washing machine wrong: There is a “hidden” door that needs cleaning on a regular basis

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If you have to do the washing machine, pay attention to the hidden door: it hides something unexpected, which must be cleaned, otherwise it will be a problem!

Doing the washing machine is almost a common activity and does not evoke any sense of silliness, if not rather boredom and annoyance. Obviously, when one takes care of household chores, they end up turning up their nose because this is a task that needs to be solved, let alone figured out once. job from hidden door: You will cry bitter tears for the harm done! what does that mean? Do you know what it is? We will show you right away, here are the steps step by step.

How to do washing machine maintenance –

Laundry requires some attention, as it affects the use of the machine, the washing machine, and the laundry itself. Have you ever come across Wrinkled, worn-out and, above all, smelly clothes?

Look, this is not nonsense, it really happens! Of course, this isn’t the main function of a washing machine, as it’s supposed to make clothes and whatever else is slapped inside neat and clean. Even if The result is not what was expected There are other reasons that determine this tragic situation, and one of them is related to the aforementioned hidden door.

The washing machine and the hidden door, no more doubts!

If the result is to find yourself some clothes “Worse than it used to be,” Almost any unpleasant and destructive smell, then know that the fault is not only the washing machine. Or rather we can say that it is yours! The device has done its job, you are the one who missed it. It has nothing to do with poorly washed clothes, Rather, how to use the most comfortable device in the world.

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How to do washing machine maintenance –

If you go to the river to wash your clothes, you will probably get more tired, but you will not suffer from this An unpleasant discovery. There is a hidden door on every washing machine, what’s more, each device keeps it at a specific point. Generally it falls in almost all cases bottom and front: But what is he hiding?

Simply put, it really is a hidden door that hides filter Who collects water! In each washing machine, depending on the model and the company that produced it, it is placed at a certain point, but what has been confirmed is that they all have this secret. Were you aware of it or did you never think about it? At this point, what does the filter have to do with the success of the wash? Almost everything!

If not thereOr you empty and wash it every 3-4 monthsIn proportion to the number of washes you do, your washing machine will only produce smelly clothes! What’s more, it can break prematurely, because the buildup of water damages the system inside. Maybe it’s time to take a look!

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