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Puppet Street – Nicola at the Space Theatre

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DOLL – Nicola’s story

from Paul Vanacour


Original music and arrangements Alexander Panettiere

Scenes and costumes Roberto Rinaldi

co-director Claire Sanvitali

Pictures and graphics Manuela is right

press office Andrea Cavazini

From March 30 to April 2, 2023

Space theater

Nicola, in a dimension that oscillates between the real and the imaginary, tells in the first person

His long life path since his birth in the late 60s of the last century in any Romanian suburb. The voices and protests of feminists demanding freedom of their sexual choices are the background to these first events.

He sees his parents again: a mother frustrated in her womanhood, victim of a perpetually harmful fate, and a protective and sensitive father upon whom he pours all his pure love without judgment or expectations, an expression of masculine strength.

They are the first mirrors that teenager Nicola sees himself reflected in.

But now Nikola is a man and chooses, with his eyes closed, to turn the threads of fate to take a new path through the process of learning his dual identity.

The image reflected in the mirror is transformed by image doubling Game.

Game He chooses the path of prostitution and wears women’s clothes, starting with his mother’s clothes, as if to rid her of her frustrations and save her. The street is full of characters and happiness, while the language of the story itself is colored with foul-mouthed, erotic, but also emotional and poetic voices. The night is dark and the paper moon looks fake, as if everything was imagined on a set. In a fast-tracking shot, Regina, her prostitute friend, Domitella, her dangerous rival and Fabio the cop, appear. And then it’s him, Giovanni, the sweet and sought-after “client” of love who lives in an American-style neighborhood with terraced houses.

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The story becomes melodrama and turns pink even before the love story is shattered.

Above all, the figure of the Father remains touched by the memory of a distant Christmas, always present among the lights lit each day of the year.

Nicholas/doll In this fantasy disguise he embodies the expression of the masculine and the feminine. He is the father and the mother. It is one and the other. The duality that joins the whole. Meanwhile he sings. sing skyAnd

Sad boyAnd In the garden out of loveAnd If I lose you. She sings the first of the Nicoletta Strambelli songs to which her name is dedicated, because that singer represents, in the imaginary world of a mother trapped in the cage of her delusions, the glorification of freedom. Black and white freedom.

It comes to an abrupt end where something unexpected is revealed.

There is a place in the mind where anything is possible, a kind of parallel universe

Any boundaries on the real world, a space for the soul where stories mingle and bodies finally merge in a slow gait until they become one. It’s the way of Nicola and the states and songs of Nicoletta.


Space theater

Via Locri, 42 – Rome


From Thursday to Saturday at 21.00 / Sunday at 18.00

tickets: Full: €15 – Reduced: €12

(The bar is open for aperitifs from 8pm)

Information and reservations

339.775.9351 / 06 77204149


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