March 26, 2023

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Science now advises against using masks. Study in Nature: “Fungi and bacteria that multiply on the face form”

Dietrofront The science on masks: they protect against infection but cause serious side effects due to the formation of fungi and bacteria that multiply on the face.

a A new study was published yesterday in the journal Nature He explains that in the face of the proven benefit of masks to reduce the risk of infection from respiratory viruses, the side effects that frequent and prolonged use cause to people are dangerous due to the formation of fungi and bacteria that form with breathing. The same masks then multiply on the face, causing infections. The study is entitledBacterial and fungal isolation from face masks under the COVID-19 pandemicFocus on hygiene issues due to bacteria and fungi attached to face masks. The international team of researchers identified and quantified bacteria and fungi that are associated with masks, and investigated the hypothesis that microbes formed on masks could be associated with the type of mask and individual method of use.

The study indicates that “Since masks can be a direct source of respiratory, digestive and skin infections, it is essential to maintain high hygiene to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that can also exacerbate COVID-19. Therefore, in this study, after surveying 109 volunteers about the use of masks and their lifestyle, we aimed to identify and identify the bacteria and fungi associated with the masks by culturing the microbes isolated from the masks themselves.”.

The number of bacterial colonies was greater on the anterior side than on the outer side; The number of fungal colonies was less on the anterior side than on the outside. Prolonged use of the mask significantly increased the number of fungal colonies but not the number of bacterial colonies“.

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The study concludes with a recommendation:We suggest that immunocompromised and weak people should avoid frequent use of masks to prevent microbial infection“.