October 3, 2022

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PS5 Pro and new Xbox series in 2023/24, says hardware manufacturer TCL Technology – Nerd4.life

During a conference, hardware company TCL . Technology claim it PS5 Pro and new models from Xbox Series They should arrive in 2023/24. You can see the photos below, showing a slice of the event.

As was indicated, console “half generation”, which is now known as the PS5 Pro and the “new” Xbox series. Technically a target resolution should be 2160p and 60/120 fps in display, but with output up to 8K and 60/120 fps. The GPU should be the RX7700XT.

Now, should we take this TCL Technology chip as a definite announcement of the new consoles? Obviously not. It’s entirely possible that TCL’s has more than one Guess, which is an estimate based on the time between the start of a generation and the arrival of the “half generation”. As in the case of PS4 and Xbox One, the new PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X will arrive three / four years after the release of the original consoles.

Also considering that more than a year after the beginning of the generation it is still difficult to recover Basic versions of keyboardsWith so many players chasing bundles and limited availability, we don’t think there’s a way to suggest new models, even more powerful and expensive.

There are a lot of rumors about the PS5 Pro, and one of the latest claims is that it will offer twice the power of the PlayStation 5.

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