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WhatsApp, you will be able to hide your online status from everyone

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WhatsApp is further improving functionality to protect aggregate. Program developers The popular messaging app We are developing a new option that will allow you to do so Hide your online status from all other platform users. There can be many reasons why you don’t want to let people know if you’re online – for example because you intend to use the app without being bothered by other contacts – and the new option spotted in the WhatsApp version settings currently in development will allow you to meet this needs.

To reveal the first details of the process, there are WABetaInfo colleagues: in the screenshot shared by the source, it is possible to see the screenshot Last login and online (found in the privacy section of settings) which contains the current subsection “Who can see my last login”, and the new “Who can see me when I’m online“.

The user can then decide to show their connection status on “everybodyor activate the optionLike who can see my last loginIn the second case, the same setting will be applied as in the first subsection, i.e. “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts except” and “None”. For example, if you choose “Private Contacts” me”, your contact status will be hidden from everyone except those who are part of their contact circle; for maximum privacy, there will be a “None” option

Sharing your online status will still be necessary to know what other users are online – Just as it actually happens to information about the last access (without sharing this information, other users’ last access cannot be seen).

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It should be noted that the predictions described are taken from a beta version of WhatsApp for iOSbut a similar function will also be offered in Beta for Android and systems desktop. However, it is not possible to make predictions about the timing: even if the screen is present, the option cannot be activated yet on iOS. So we have to be patient, as with the other functions still in development (We also see the ability to use an avatar during video calls).

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