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Tinder alert the person you are messaging with is an artificial intelligence program i why do they

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A new alarm clock on the web: AI is beginning to cause anxiety, it was born as a joke, and it turns out to be alarming behavior

These months we do nothing but talk about the pros and cons of this The port of artificial intelligence in our lives. If progress cannot be slowed, then on the other hand, experts are beginning to question whether the benefits outweigh the harm these AI systems can do.

Right now, the use of artificial intelligence seems to be completely out of control. I am able to recreate images that look real Once launched on social networks, real media bombs can explode.

The problem of fake news filled entire bibliographies as journalism began to expand online as well. Today it is more difficult than ever to defend yourself from falsehood because reality is becoming more and more relative.

Artificial intelligence deceives users, false image is a prank

All this means that the image can be real, in the sense that it represents the person in the body, but at the same time be false, because it has been tampered with by artificial intelligence. In this way, people can be made to appear in contexts that do not really exist, to post footage online that no camera has captured. There is no point in dwelling on the dangers of all this, but it is good to know how this has caused such alarming seizures.

The victim is a boy who is matched with Claudia, a young lady created by artificial intelligence, whose photos look like those of an ordinary girl and are very attractive. DrSeveral pictures of Claudia reach the victim, who falls in love with this virtual reality.

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Claudia, the girl created with artificial intelligence (Reddit) – themagazinetech

Claudia’s invention and the repercussions these stunts can have

Claudia is created by Stable Diffusion, one of the best Ai image generators on the market. The user commented on the photos with varying appreciation, but the scam was exposed with a tweet that indicated it was a made-up image defaming the victim.

The students who came up with the scam did so to get some extra money from their experiences: hundreds of dollars worth of “not real” nudes, including flawless photos of Claudia.

Although it was a ‘joke’, in reality one wonders what damage it can do to people who can ‘fall in love’ with an image, and once defrauded, one does not yet realize the emotional damage that can be done. . We are not talking about this specific case, but similar situations are also created on dating applications such as Tinder, where people interact: the harm may be even more alarming.

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