Home science Ana de Armas next James Bond? “Not necessary but more space for women”

Ana de Armas next James Bond? “Not necessary but more space for women”

Ana de Armas next James Bond?  “Not necessary but more space for women”

Ana de Armas, who appeared in the latest James Bond movie with Daniel Craig as a special agent, would like more women to be involved in spy and action films.

Maybe it was Ana de Armas. Most unforgettable Bond girl Ever? He appeared in the franchise once asPaloma AgentHis presence in No Time to Die is only fifteen minutes long. However, her appearance is still alive in everyone’s memory: not only does she do everything Bond does (if not better), but she also does it in a little black dress. can mean a The future of the young actress as an agent 007? The actress’s answer is obvious, but here’s what she had to say about the female presence in the world of spy and action movies.

Ana de Armas next James Bond? It doesn’t seem likely, but the young actress would like more women to participate in this type of film

Ana de Armas, cinematographe.it

Anna’s beautiful thoughts about the James Bond woman are quite consistent: she does not feel the need for her at the moment. His words in this regard were:There is no need for a female lace. There should be no need to steal someone else’s character[…]Moreover, his goal certainly refers to a wider scope, which is the whole range of female roles that exist in the world of cinema, and more specifically in the field of action films. “I hope [ai ruoli femminili] A greater portion and greater recognition have been givensaid the actress.

Fans, in fact, want and shout for one Role based on character Paloma. “Many felt that the movie’s starting line – “Stay longer next time” – should really apply to itself. But the Cuban actress did not see all the applause on social media, as she turned her back on Twitter and Instagram.Grant Rawlings refers to Sun. The star in the spy movie gray manin theaters and on Netflix, with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.


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