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Gerdina beats Vassa and Cortina smoothly over Merano – OA Sport

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The only derby for Italian ice hockey teams committed on saturday in Alpine League 2022-2023. In fact, among the six scheduled meetings they were prominent The challenges between Gardena and Vasa, and between Cortina and Mirano.

Mention the first disagreement It ended with a score of 5-2 in favor of Ghardaina After a match full of emotions. Indeed, the first to take the lead is Vasa at 11:55 in the first period with Petroneiro. But in the second half the hosts Reverse the situation thanks to McGowan which in play power, scores two goals in just two minutes, only to see the effort nullified by the new equalizer from Deluca (11:55). But the joy in the house of the Vasa does not last long because Just under sixty seconds from the sound of the siren mcGowan peeks into the opponent’s goal againand record all three of a kind (always in play power).

in the last chapter So Gerdina manages the scorelengthening the pace first with Sullmann (4:41) and finally closing accounts with Oberrauch.

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An easy victory for Cortina who put Mirano 5-0, immediately took the lead with Saha (00:49) and extended it by one unit after seven minutes with Adami (7:26). Saha will then score 3-0 in the second half, then ahead of Poker de Tommaso (5:26) and the fifth Alveira seal, which was sealed a few moments before the end of the last period. The next day is scheduled for October 6.

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