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Pro Patria is a complete flag: Inscription, Colombo, Vezzoni and Caprile

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Elia Capriel (Photo by Marco Giussani)

BUSTO ARSIZIO Days are, in fact, very intense hours at home Pro PatriaWhere the company has All necessary documents prepared To register for the Serie C Championship, including the guarantee. The June 22 deadline, which was once intimidating, now appears to be a formality. But the match at Carlo Speroni – where the highly successful Ultras party took place on Saturday, is not without suspense – is played in several stadiums. Meanwhile, after the blue Federico Gattiformerly another biancoblù ready to take off: Elia CaprielAnd the Best little tiger Last season (and possibly the entire C series), he would defend Bab Al-Deek in Barry in series b.

Players: Colombo ni…

A tiger rose can already count on a good one The backbone of titolarissimi: From Lombardoni to me morePassing through BuffelliAnd the BertoneAnd the Nico And the irons. But there are also other contract owners, such as Parker, Stanzani, Sportelli, Molinari, Saboriti, Castelli and Faggi himself. Among the players on renewable terms (including Galli and Ghioldi) there are also veterans Vieta and Colombowith Giovanni ready to cheat his ID for another year with his innate sense of position and Ricciardo instead heading toward evaluating a new management adventure after the many ailments that occurred last season.

… Yes Vezzoni

In this encouraging public picture, Sandro Torotti has already managed to deliver another blow, ripping up the general agreement with Inter for the loan Argentine, born in 2001 Franco Orlando Vizzoni, the unfortunate protagonist of the first part of the tournament, but he is able to finish the tournament in stepping up showing his undisputed talent. The details that Biancopli is currently working on relate to the formula of the operation: it seems frank even, with a future resale to the Nerazzurri Club.

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Instructors: check the science name

We have already said about our position, Totally for Sala and Le Noci In order not to create a problem where it does not exist, in order not to change some of the finer balances and to save resources to transfer it to another place, the rumors about toto coach They go crazy. In the past few hours, in addition to Gilardino (Even if the Pro Patria train seems to have passed by now), the hypothesis has made its way Bepe . Science. The former bombshell, who moved to Busto as a footballer and as coach of the youth sector, wants to relaunch herself after Vercelli’s acquittal, to confirm the good things that have been accomplished at Monopoly. Turotti listens, but he has already chosen in his heart.

Pro Patria Science Colombo Vezzoni – Malpensa 24

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