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Poland arrests 100 migrants on its border with Belarus. Warsaw: “With lax policies, millions of people will arrive”

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circa a hundred immigrants she was Arrested Tonight by Polish security forces after trying to cross the border illegally in Dobicchi Sirquin. He announced it by posting it on Twitter National DefensePolish Defense Minister: “Millions of immigrants will arrive Europe If border policies continue to be lax,” he said, adding that crowds at the border threw stones at police forces, as Polish bodies also announced on the occasion of Clashes Two days ago, When the security forces decided to use tear gas NS Jets of frozen water to break up the crowd. He is also convinced of that Matthews Moraveki, Polish Prime Minister who in an interview with the German newspaper picture He did not rule out the possibility of a war as a development of the situation on the border between Poland NS Belarus. “If we can’t deal with thousands of immigrants now, we will soon reach hundreds of thousands, millions in Europe.” This is why he is now playing the European card: “Closing our borders is our command national interest. But here the stability and security of the whole Union is at stake.”

Meanwhile, the countries st 7 Condemns once again the pressure exerted by the executive branch of the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko: foreign ministers United States of AmericaAnd CanadaAnd FranceAnd GermanyAnd ItalyAnd Japan NS United kingdom The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, condemning the regulation of irregular migration across its borders. These insensitive actions endanger people’s lives,” they wrote in a note issued by the group’s British Presidency, in which ministers say they are “united in our solidarity with Poland, Lithuania and the Latvia, who have been influenced by this provocative use of irregular migration as a hybrid method.”

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Also yesterday, Morawiecki wanted to reiterate that the migrants are a problem that must be confronted firmly: “Belarusian forces are being provoked more and more. I hope they will not pull too much. Rope. Because we Poles are determined to protect our borders in all ways.” As I continued to urge European intervention in recent days Denied access to Area A FrontexUnion Border Agency.

Furthermore it Poland On November 15 it was already announced In December he will start building a wall On the border with Belarus. A decision allowed under EU treaties that reiterated, however, their refusal to fund the work. with the Balkan Road Banned by the agreement between the European Union and Turkey And the Mediterranean, which intrigues people fleeing from itCentral Africa, the Belarusian corridor became the new channel for migration flows towards the Old Continent. Also to prevent this route from consolidating as the new faucet of immigration to Europe, the Council of the European Union gave the green light to Sanctions against Belarus to resist Exploitation of immigrants for political purposes. We reject this Inhuman and illegal practice“.a decision to which Lukashenko responded by threatening that he would continue to”fightAgainst the decisions taken by Brussels Closure of the pipeline carrying oil to Poland and Europe, justifying this with “maintenance”. His biggest ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded by imposing tariffs on European products and with a Kremlin spokesperson’s statement, Dmitriy Peskov, who intervened in the matter on the pretext that it was not at all correct to place all the blame on him Migrant crisis at the border.

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