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Best Soulslike Games Coming Soon

Best Soulslike Games Coming Soon

From SIFU to a primal primordial realm, transient Horizon: Forbidden West And the new Destiny 2 expansion, February saw productions of the highest quality, among which was the new Hidetaka Miyazaki game that stood out in particular. enormous and complex, elden ring It’s actually the sum total of the fun experience that FromSoftware titles provide (as shown in Elden ring review), plus a monstrous giant with whom all incoming spirits must contend. So, as gamers from all over the world wander aimlessly at Interregnum, we’ve turned our gaze toward some of the more interesting spirit-like products we’ll be able to try our hand at in the near future, hopefully, too. Time engages us in unforgettable journeys.

Salt and sacrifice

Developed by Ska Studios and the independent Devoured Studios, the Salt and Sanctuary series hits out on May 10th on PS4, PS5 and PC. Like its sublime predecessor (refresh your memory by re-reading what we have Salt and Sanctuary Review), Salt and sacrifice have caught our attention since the official announcement Thanks to its suggestive two-dimensional aesthetics and unsettling ambiance, the adventure is distinguished by its retro taste.

Alterston is a dark and mysterious world, where criminals captured on time face a terrible choice: face a cold embrace to die voluntarily or atone for their sins during their years of service. Although most outlaws tend to be quick to act, the bad guys from time to time have the courage and will to live instead taking the path of penance and taking on the role of discerning detectives. The task of the armed wing of the convicts is to find and eliminate by any means possible the waves of witches who, after invading the peaceful kingdom of Alterston, plunged it into chaos and even threatened to crush it using an ancient secret that has survived. burial. for eons. Once in the location of the designated detectives, users must then travel to the western frontier and make their way through a labyrinthine world overflowing with opportunists, powerful guardians, and traps of all kinds.

According to the information in our possession, in the opening tapes of Salt and Sacrifice we will be given the opportunity to customize not only the appearance and crimes of our distinguished detectives, but will be able toChoose one of the eight classes they specialize in (Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, and Sage), and then partake in what promises a harrowing initiation ritual.

After swallowing the sacred brew and uttering the words expected in the ritual, our symbolic characters will free themselves from their mortal fears and will be ready to shed the blood of ruthless spellcasters.

In this regard, the developers revealed that specific detectives will have the ability to loot the relics of various targets and Transforming their bones and even meat into equipment with runic limbsThis will lead to the acquisition of extraordinary talents and skills. With animals over 100 monsters and up to 20 different classes of wizards (including hateful “Corpumancers” and fiery Pyromancers), the system above should offer a level of variety.

By blending a full side-scrolling combat system with typical RPG mechanics, Salt and Sacrifice will drag users into a bleak and turbulent reality always ready to be conquered. Like most spirits, the campaign can also be faced in the company, in fact, the multiplayer mode will allow you to summon an ally and live together in a bloody adventure focused on the extermination of wizards. Instead, users interested in the PvP component will be given the opportunity to join the “Blueheart Runners”, a faction of mysterious smugglers who invade and wreak havoc on realms.


Announced in March 2021 by Team17, it is an “epidemic” developed by OverBorder Studio He should have seen the light last year On PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, but the need to finalize and launch Thymesia in the best possible condition prompted the English publisher to delay its release until 2022.

Clearly inspired by Bloodborne in regards to the fun system and technical front (for every detail Get a preview of Thymesia), the RPG will put players in the place of the mysterious Corvus, a plague doctor suffering from amnesia and bent on getting their memories back. Indeed, among his lost memories he seems to hide many secrets and above all the key to illuminating the catastrophe that befell a mighty empire: once prosperous thanks to the mighty power of alchemy, when the kingdom discovers the true price it demands of use from the aforementioned system it tries to stop any use , but failed miserably. As a result, the entire empire in a matter of days plunged into utter chaos and its streets were invaded by hordes of hideous monsters. By restoring core items and memories of Corvus himself, players will also encounter Important choices will determine the end of the adventureTo encourage fans of the genre to try different paths and discover the whole truth.

If the information we have about the Thymesia plot is still limited, the various trailers released so far have instead given us a good overview of the frenetic combat system. Stripped of armor, the unexpected raven-looking hero You will have extraordinary agilitythanks to which he will be able to use the sprinter to avoid enemy attacks and immediately go to the counterattack, resulting in almost lightning-fast combos.

The Plague Doctor will, among other things, be able to count on a wide range of weapons, which will include a whole series of traditional tools of death, such as short swords (which can also be used in dual use), sword or broadsword, as well as some tools of death own powers. Very interesting. By consuming mana and assuming a ‘crow shape’, the hero can then make sudden jumps and pounce on opponents to eliminate them with deadly claws, or summon ghostly weapons – such as swords, sickles, spears, or hammers – apparently linked to various bosses.

Although the developers have not yet explained the procedure in detail, we know for sure that Corvus will have to take over the diseases of his enemies and “use” them like real weapons, greatly expanding the range of attack patterns available to him. By providing access to a massive arsenal, Thymesia will thus encourage experimentation and the creation of endless structures, while embracing the needs and preferences of soul-like enthusiasts.

Melancholy Faith: Reckless

Funded through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform, Bleak Faith: Forsaken is the spirit of horror imagined by Miso Vukcevic and Mirko Stanic. Set in a bleak and floating world, Archangel Studio’s first feature Tells the verbs of Forsakenan order of hunters doomed to protect what remains of humanity from the hateful undead that lurks in the Omnistructure.

By hybridizing cyberpunk, dark fantasy and even a hint of science fiction, the plot aims to offer an entirely new and modern experience, as well as allow players to discover the “true meaning of alienation, isolation, and horror” (in this respect we suggest you re-read what we have The Melancholy Faith: A Backward Preview). Life up to about 30 hours, the title will be able to count on a labyrinthine world full of lore, open world architecture, a deep system of layers and not least a procedural structure that aims to diversify each game. Without taking anything away from the insidious open world, which according to the team should prompt us to constantly adapt in order to survive the unknown, the most intriguing element of Bleak Faith: Forsaken is undoubtedly its brutal combat system. As promised by the Serbian studio, the dark action RPG will offer tight, adrenaline-pumping clashes, imparting users with a tangible sense of danger: fast, reactive and ruthless, the combat system will actually be powered by a fairly high challenge rate and programmed for maximum satisfaction. Proven after achieving victory.

If we don’t know at the moment how many classes we have available to customize Forsaken to perfection, videos posted by Archangel Studio reveal that they will be able to add it to the equipment Large selection of weapons: For example, if hammers and mallets combined with the inevitable reinforced armor translate into a traditional parry-based fighting style, using a machete will allow you to perform lightning swings and stand up to entire groups of enemies, while flaming arrows allow you to bow By taking a safer, focused approach to long-range combat.

Including chapters based on the use of magic and even progression in stealth, Bleak Faith: Forsaken will give players the tools to express themselves in battle to the best of their abilities (and preferences) or anyway to avoid them entirely.

After all, Hand-to-hand combat will not always be the desired course of action, also because the configuration of the environment and the transmissible diseases called “plague of dolls” will greatly influence the odds in favor of the alter ego and the outcome of his journey. Before attacking with the head, it would be better to develop a strong strategy and prepare the playing field to increase the chances of winning.


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