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Primo Spazio Music Academy reopens with new recording campaign

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After the period of emergency that our entire community has been through due to the pandemic situation, the Primo Spazio Academy of Musical Arts in Castelbuono from April 2022 has started a new recording campaign full of news.
? From today – to all new members One month of free lessons

? From April 20 – Activate Music preparatory courses Made for kids 3 to 6 years old

? June 2022 – Admission to Pre-Academic Courses conducted in Agreement with the Conservatory “A. Corelli” in Messina

? From April 2022 – the initiative dedicated to Non-Use Loan

We want to focus on this latest initiative, seeing it as a really important opportunity to share and support culture. Ironically, the campaign was dedicated to “Organ donation“It aims to make society aware of reuse. In fact, those who own . are required to A musical instrument they don’t use, to be made available to a young student at the Primo Spazio Academy. Moger arte e Cultura will renew it (if necessary) and assign it on free loan to a young student at the Academy to start studying music. The

The donor will be publicly thanked and a small thank you plaque will be placed on each of the donated items. In this way, musical instruments that have been neglected for a long time will come to life and new generations will have access to the study of music.
for info 334.8264376

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