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Aid for Gaza is ready at the crossing. But Israel: “Green light on attack” –

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From our correspondent
– One hundred trucks are required daily. at least. Water, food and medicines. Which in the end is Pepe Netanyahu admitted To allow entry Gaza. At the Rafah crossing – Closed for two weeks, it is the only escape route from the war and entry for those who help – Some humanitarian containers had been lined up for daysBut it is not enough.

To drop them off in the Egyptian city of Al-Arish, then transfer them to Sinai to reach the border, it takes at least another 24 hours: The road leading to Rafah was bombed In recent days by the Israeli Air Force, it needs to be rearranged. Therefore, the rescue operation will not begin until today. A day of rage for the entire Arab world, a day of prayer for those who hope for peace, and hope for those who can no longer bear it.

Day fourteen. Do it quickly. by all mean of the word. Asked Netanyahu To the soldiers: “Fight like lions. Now you see Gaza from afar, soon you will see it from the inside». “The demand will come,” he adds when he visits them at the front. He then mentions the invasion of the Strip alongside British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: «These are our darkest hours — Churchill quotes —. You I fought the Nazis for 80 yearsNow we must fight Hamas together, which is the new Nazis.” Did you intervene? According to American television ABCQuoted from intelligence sources The Israeli army got the “green light”. Many voices in Jerusalem confirm that the “if” has been decided now, if we want to understand the “when.”

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But speed is also the slogan of the suffering people of Gaza. Because they really can’t do it anymore. On Wednesday, a fight broke out in a UN building that was packed to the brim with refugees: two families fought over a disputed water tank. UNRWA says it hosts 513,000. And the other (almost) two million? They were left in the streets, thrown between the houses that remained standing, in line in Rafah. It is not yet clear whether the fuel will be able to enter. There will be one The United Nations flag is raised at the border crossing Rafah bordersOn the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, to protect the area from raids.

the Helps They should be Egypt demanded a “sustainable way.”Which, along with the United States of America, is the center of this entire operation to save the sector: this means that the trucks will be inspected by the United Nations and General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be able to turn off the tap whenever and however he wants. Moreover, the Jordanians and Egyptians have made it clear that they will never accept a single refugeeSisi asked: “If they are looking for a desert to put them in, why don’t the Israelis put them in the Negev?”

There is no mention of this: Netanyahu warned that no humanitarian fund would pass through IsraelNot to mention the people until Hamas releases the hostages. Other than that, the solidarity of the Arab brothers with the poor Palestinians – starting with the rich people of the Gulf – is limited, as is always the case, to many statements and few interventions. Biden promised to provide $100 million in aidPutin has already transported 27 tons of material, and Europe will decide this within the next few hours. This is the first emergency: feeding food and drink. Then, you don’t really know what to do. In hospitals, for example: The one in Al-Ahly is destroyed, treating 45 thousand people annually. On Wednesday morning, in the Anglican Cathedral in Jerusalem, all the heads of the main churches in the Holy Land met with journalists, to confirm that “terrible tragedies” are occurring in the Strip.

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Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian Liverpool player, the idol of the fans, also issued a call: “So much violence, so much pain“Lives are sacred and must be protected, send help…” He remained silent, shocked by the Hamas massacre in the kibbutzim. His fans scolded him: “Hey Salah, say something in Arabic… In the end he couldn’t be silent anymore.”

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