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Primark opens in Nave de Vero, the municipality anticipates the attack and changes the road network

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Marghera – They haven’t touched the road system since 2014, i.e. since the opening of the Shopping Gallery. At most some traffic control in…

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Marghera – They haven’t touched the road system since 2014, i.e. since the opening of the Shopping Gallery. At most, a few traffic checks, during Christmas or hot sales periods. But, in lightPrimark openingAnd Comune and Nave de Vero have already taken measures to redesign with a loop in one direction The entire back part, with the intention of creating another part flow path Cars and preventing the Roumieh roundabout from blocking in the absence of parking spaces. Because the wait-and-go at the new mega-store, which opens Tuesday morning, risks getting really huge.

command – request
The signs were already put up, and as of yesterday, there were several motorists who got in via Arduino the wrong way, so far in two directions, from a Leroy Merlin area, and then had to turn around. “The management of the shopping center has informed the administration of the opening of the new store of a well-known clothing distribution chain, which generally leads to a significant increase in traffic flows – reads the municipal decree -. This may affect the fluidity of circulation leading to a slowdown in the flow of vehicles even affecting the state road network contiguous. That is, a Romea which, when it freezes, is a problem for all. Thus, for the first time on the occasion of the opening of a “only” shop (though important), the mobility bureaus considered the only possible modification of the roads currently available, using the roads behind the Nave de True, thus making It canceled two – traffic on the road and turned it into a one-way “loop” from via Arduino towards via Tron (Leroy Merlin direction) and then back towards Bottenigo (SME-Panorama direction) via del Trifoglio.In this way, a passage through the Arduino will be guaranteed (always in a southerly direction) for cars exiting Nave de Vero, avoiding overloading the roundabout on Romea at times of greater flow.

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“Obviously, we are worried about the possibility of traffic jams in Romea if the parking lots in the shopping center become full – explains mobility consultant Renato Borasso -. It is a solution that we believe is still experimental and we will be constantly monitored starting from the opening of this new store.” Certainly, behind the Nave de Vero, a certain confusion is already spreading between the many productive activities (even the important ones, like the “Arte Bianca” factory) and the craft ones, which are afraid of being stuck in traffic and which have always suffered from the frailty of roadside roads Columbara, where the Leroy Merlin has not yet fully sailed when it will be enough to build a roundabout in front of the former Uci Cinemas complex to facilitate passage over the bridge that leads to the other side of the canal.

Meanwhile, inside Nave de Vero, everything is now set for the opening of Primark at 9 the day after tomorrow, Tuesday 7 March, the Veneto’s second megastore after opening in Verona in 2017, but the first that the Irish chain aims to attract. Customers from a large part of the Northeast and even neighboring countries. The 15th store in Italy Primark (brand of clothing for all ages, beauty products and home accessories at reasonable prices) replaced the former Coop supermarket on the ground floor of the Marghera shopping arcade, and also took a “slice” of Media World developing over an area of ​​more than 4,600 square metres. Square, all of this assumes Jamal 150 employees. And now the onslaught of customers is expected.

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