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Pozzomaina-Spazio Talent 2-1, commentary and report card –

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Bozumaina – Football Talented Space 2-1
Scorers: 22′ st Ferraris (S), 27′ Xhemalaj (P), 29′ Domitius (P).
Bozumina (4-4-2): Bertazzoni 7, Lombardo 7, Acatrinei 7, Tommasi 7, Zhou 7 (26′ st Lipari sv), Bancale 7, Marrone 6,5 (17′ st Carnevale 6,5), Spagnuolo 7, Xhemalaj 8, Calabrese 7,5 (32′ st Okokon sv), Domitius 8. Available: Micheletti, Lipari, Mazzeo, Napolitano. All: Ria.
Space Football Talent (4-3-3): Gasparro F. 6,5, Marighella 6,5, Minna 7, Gasparro A. 7, Buono 7, Yano 7, Mazzeo 7, Colosimo 6,5 (7′ st Donato 6), Penta 5,5 (13 st Amore 6 ), Ferraris 7, Tremus 6. Available: Catino, Franzoso, Bocaniala, Salgau, Croce, Gaeta, Tedesco. Yes to all.
to rule: Nasuti Turin.
NB: Ammonites Buono (ST), Tommasi (P), Bancale (P).
Retrieves: 1st T 3′, 2nd T 4′.

TURIN – Pozzomaina win, with a stunning comeback from Xhemalaj-Domizio, head-to-head with Spazio Talent Soccer 2 to 1. The challenge between the contenders for the Under-15s Provincial Group D title gives emotion to every ball touched and the surprise of the final result is an embellished performance. The start depends on the logic of both teams, with building from the bottom to control the strategies put in place. The opening opportunity comes from a right-footed Ferraris who tries to capitalize on the greedy three-quarter free kick, a shot that ends just over the bar. The first quarter of the clock is then moved by continuous reversals of the spread, showing interest from the defensive pairs involved. On the one hand, Zhou and Bancale, and on the other Gasparro and Buono, forbid any extremely dangerous act without too much concern. The match was finally restarted after Xhemalaj’s goal, which was later ruled offside after Marrone’s superb counter-attack. An event that increases the speed of the game and the physicality of interventions in direct engagements. Among the guests, Colosimo stands out above all, blocking in midfield as well as a constant distributor of the ball, and Mazio who from the right wing half never misses an opportunity to break through the flank with his quick dribbling. However, the first half is disappointing in terms of goals ending in clean sheets.
Return to the second half field which gives the impression of newfound dynamism in both formations. In this sense, the team coached by Rhea seems to have something extra with the goal of getting one point behind the leaderboards with the potential to overtake them in the last two available days. Hopes were dashed when, in the 22nd minute, Ferraris received the ball from Mazzeo on the edge of the area and deceived all the defense with a physical trick that enabled him to strike easily at the edge of the near post. Pozzomaina’s reaction hit the spot and got the game back in two minutes. The first is Xhemalaj who made perfect use of the free kick from three quarters by shooting into a corner that Gasparo could not reach. Then it’s Domizio who grabs the ball quickly, a textbook stop taming the ball and a shot into the bottom corner makes Ottavio Porta explode. The race then takes its turn within ten minutes with Pozzomaina’s remarkable ability not to give himself up to events but rather knowing how to act without letting himself go. The match ends with a powerful free-kick from Tano and which Bertazzoni counters in unequivocal terms by closing the match.

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report cards
Bertazone 7: He does not miss intervention actions, he cannot do much right away on the spot.
Lombard 7: A continuous drive that shows great flexibility in defense and attack.
Akatrine 7: It limits the opponent well by conceding a little.
Thomas 7: He juggles offensive actions well by finding the right signals.
Chu 7: Few mistakes on his part, it makes the opponent’s attack work complicated. (26 Lipari Street, sv)
Pallet 7: Reaches all long balls, also essential in progression.
Brown 6.5: Lots of intensity in covering as much area as possible. (Carnival 17 6 A good entry to give freshness at an important stage of the race)
Spanish 7: Always to support the ball carrier and give new impetus to the dribble.
Xhemalaj 8He tries tirelessly and is rewarded with an excellent free kick.
Calabrian 7: reference point for the midfield to go in search of the last pass he doesn’t give up until he gets some. (32 Okokon sv)
Domitius 8He crosses the attack patiently, does not miss the opportunity with a brilliant strike that brings the team closer to winning the championship.

Space football talent
Gasparro F. 6.5: It does not lose clarity and reaches each ball.
Maregella 6.5: Dare to sell, never give in to the right wing.
Mina 7: The populated left lane is far and wide, its acceleration deadly.
Gasparo A.7He hides the ball well from attackers using his physique.
Coupon 7: A men’s brand with unparalleled effectiveness.
Yano 7: He recovers the ball constantly sensing the conflicting intrigues and then builds with full knowledge of the facts.
Almazeo 7: Patiently builds by pushing the ball and chain and pulling the team’s center of gravity to the opposite half of the field.
Colosimo 6.5: a lot of invisible work, dismantling conflicting actions. (7 Donato Street 6 spaces cannot be found)
Penta 5.5: There is no shortage of commitment and vision to the game but it misses a lot in subtlety. (13 Love Street 6: Tries with the ball and chain race)
Ferrari 7: Intuition is present throughout the game, a critical attempt is enough for him to enter it.
Shake 6: Most involved in attack, he gathers in search of the midfielders’ rhythm but runs wide of the goal.

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