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Spazio Porta del Barco, a former slaughterhouse that became a headquarters for tourism, sports and handicrafts

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Born in the city of Anguillara Sabazia (Rome), Spazio Porta del Parco was built from the ashes of an old slaughterhouse to offer a new key to access to the future of the territory, thanks to the promotion of the Bracciano-Martignano Regional Natural Park Management Authority.

The project

The initial aim was immediately to transform the former slaughterhouse structure – an important place of community history, deserted for many years (open on occasion of sporadic events) – into a new nerve center for tourist activities. , cultural, sports, environmental, arts and crafts, educational, tourism, agricultural and promotional activities.

Anguillara, as well as the neighboring municipalities, has over time become a place without youth initiatives. The boys study and then emigrate to Rome, if not abroad, in search of work. Those who stay break down traveling to Rome and Viterbo, the two centers with the best job prospects. The idea was to promote youth employment through a re-evaluation of territory and purposeful work that would enhance the places and bring out the same children, some of whom even returned from abroad with the intention of trying to do something on their land.

Rosa D’Eventi is where art and nature meet with guided tours of the park area with a historical and natural theme, cultural aperitif, the promotion of emerging artists and musicians in the area and a conference hall, or exhibition space for conferences, seminars, celebrations and meetings. The educational workshop offers courses related to sports, wellness, culture, manual work, training workshops for young and old, guided tours and targeted activities to be able to observe the rich biodiversity provided by the park area and learn to identify its characteristics through. Targeted lessons. Finally, Il Convivio is a cultured, lively and fascinating area store where each guest will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exceptional essence of the Roman province through products processed directly on site using carefully selected ingredients from the supply chain of the territory. Abroad, the refreshment point promotes typical local products, from first courses to centrifugal drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. On the other hand, the Coworking Café District is a place to meet, work, study and relax that welcomes broad users such as students, researchers, trans people or tourists.

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“Spazio Porta del Parco is above all an institution aimed at young people to provide an atmosphere of change for the development of increasingly dwindling lands. Thus, it is a gathering center for young people capable of providing places to study and work, but also education for children and a bistro with km0 products. Without forgetting the natural beauty of the place, which rises between the lakes of Bracciano and Martinano at an ideal crossroads for excursions and as a starting point for discovering the historical and archaeological treasures of the region. This is another place for young people made by young people. Another project that the Lazio region believes in and desperately wanted to provide space and vision for our children.”said the president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti.

“Our goal should be to rethink the spaces, times and life in our cities after these two years. Spazio Porta del Parco is built on this road. A ‘new’ meeting place that offers co-working spaces and promotes food excellence in the area thanks to the presence of a bistro. A space designed by young people is available Now to all the citizens of Anguillara Sabazia”added the vice-president of the Lazio region, Daniel Liudori.

“We have listened to the need of our generation: to have accessible spaces to meet, share, do business, produce culture and contribute to the development of society. That is why we worked with municipalities and parks to reopen and improve public buildings. Porta del Parco also represents a step forward in the search for new development models for our community. : In this space, a group of girls and boys work hard to find them. This is where young people, as champions, can find good job opportunities and new tourist flows and thus try to get another reason to stay in the territories in which they were born and raised and not be abandoned”, Lorenzo Scarita, President’s Delegate for Youth Policy commented.

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The project is part of the “Youth Path: Spaces and Inns” initiative of the Lazio region’s program, with the support of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – the Youth Department – which aims to strengthen the heritage existing in the region and involve young people.

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