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Post-Flood, Son: “We Will Rely On Science To Rebuild”

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In the video, the interview with Francesco Paolo Figliolo, Commissioner for Post-Flood Reconstruction

The Commissioner for Post-Flood Reconstruction, Francesco Paolo Vigliolo, therefore reiterated his intention to draw up a plan that could also take into account future extremes in areas brought to their knees in May by water and mud. He explained this after an inspection in Upper Mugello, an area of ​​Tuscany particularly affected by landslides. For the reconstruction in the mountains, in a speech similar to what also needs to be done in Emilia-Romagna, Vigliolo focused on restoring the road system to maintain economic activity and with it also the entire population of the mountain. But, he added, to do so, the different needs that regions have to defend against extreme events of climate change must be taken into account.

General Francesco Paolo Vigliolo, the official commissioner for the reconstruction, announced just last week that he would “soon” appoint sub-commissioners, among whom will also be Emilia-Romagna’s governor, Stefano Bonaccini. The president himself had called for speed in assuming these positions, whose role does not seem well defined yet.

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