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Hockey, Varese is still the leader and even beat Appiano on Varese’s “hot” ice

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Varese, December 23, 2022 – The victory 4 to 2 is of fundamental importance for the Mastiff dynasty, which beat the Appiano Pirates Deservedly, after the game it is always a move forward, but it is difficult to manage. When Spitler tied the game with six minutes remaining in the third period, Psychology could have unraveled Mastiffs, who instead, here, pressed harder to get the full share.

Appiano goes to Varese with some absences, while the Yellow and Black are without Raimondi and reinforcements from Aosta, but still with a full roster.

From the very first moments, the Mastiffs try to squeeze and close Appiano themselves Third defense. The South Tyroleans fill every space very well in front of Baller, who has to step in at Tellaro’s near miss and then try Franchini. The match did not experience special emotions until M. Borghi’s goal, excellently prepared from the neutral zone by Sheena and Vanetti: the player flies into the goal, ignores the goalkeeper and puts the puck under the crossbar.

A disputed penalty to Vanetti comes power to Appiano in the last two minutes before the siren, and precisely on this occasion, Bono equalizes.

Game two begins with a double thriller from Varese which is resolved thanks to a double thriller tackle by Perla who initially makes the interception on the take off and then removes the puck with the stick that the opposition striker hits with a sure kick. Varese still shivered for a few minutes, but Perla’s reply was still there. HCMV takes measures and comes back to grind the game, especially after half an hour. Indeed, in the 32nd minute, it was Tellaro who inflated the opponent’s net with a very powerful shot from the middle distance that slides under the crossbar to the left of Baller. Before the second whistle, Mohamed Mazakani almost scored the third goal.

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The third half is developing in a nice and interesting way, with the goalkeepers in different attempts. Spitler scores the equalizer at 53’37 “with a good shot from a distance, but 120” does not pass, Desautels angers the crowdor create a network You may not have even tried it in training and it will remain in the eyes and minds of the fans for a long time. He carried the entire opposing team to walk twice on the yellow-and-black third down, before approaching the keeper and passing him with a touch down the back, sending the ball under the opposite pass. Wonderful network. Then when Appiano tried to press to win back the equaliser, it was Berroso who scored with a diagonal icebreaker.

Monday, on Boxing Day, at 18.45 Varese will go to Bergen, with a good group of fans.


HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (90 Mordente), 3 Schina, 7 Desutiles, 22 E Mazaccan, 37 Belloni, 69 Bertin, 71 Piccinelli, 9 Druel, 12 Franchini, 13 Cordiano, 15 Tellaro, 16 Vanetti, 19 Alifatto, 23 M Borghi, 27 M Mazzacane, 32 P. Borghi, 55 Piroso, 88 Privitera, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

Eban:30 Paller (29 Gaiser), 7 Crivellari, 10 Galimberti, 19 Unterrainer, 22 Buono, 75 Spitaler, 95 Matonti, 9 Lancsar, 11 Oberrauch, 14 Morandell, 20 Engl, 23 Raisanen, 21 Selva, 26 Castlunger, 88 Erlacher, 91 Bingo, 16 Rottensteiner. Coach: Nico Aremo Martella.



13’42” (HCMV) M. Borghi (Chyna, Vanity), 19’45” (AEP) Good PP1, 32’45” (HCMV) Tellaro, 53’37” (AEP) Spitaler (Good, Raisainen), 55 20′ (HCMV) Dasautels (Cordiano, Tilaro), 57’31” (HCMV) Piroso (Drolet, Vanetti) PP1

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