September 27, 2023

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Sacchi, teams – courage that strengthens Italian football – football

Sacchi, teams – courage that strengthens Italian football – football

(ANSA) – Castiglione Fiorentino (Arrizo), Jul 09 – “Italian football is like Italy, always late. But something strange happens. Those who have more courage, which nonetheless mean to be prepared, are the ‘small’ teams like Sassuolo, Atalanta, Verona, who really play football as champions.” This was stated by Arrigo Sacchi, former Milan coach and national team, champion of the Santucce Storm Festival literary salon in Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo) where he presented his books “The Immortals’ Cup” and “Total Football”. Sacchi spoke about the successes with Milan, the American journey to the national team but also about the moment in his life when he had to stop playing football because he could no longer manage the stress. “I have no regrets because I worked so hard and it makes us feel good. There is a connection between commitment and well-being. Stress can be positive but only if it is well managed.” Therefore, in football today, he has no doubts: “He must be more courageous. I came from the factory where I had to go quickly because of the death of my father, and I always applied the principles of work and courage. The country in which I work. The population has doubled thanks to the youth The aliens who, if directed well, can really be a great athletic resource.” (Dealing).

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