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A great success for the series “The Flag Under the Dome”

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It’s time to evaluate the 2022 edition of the “Scienza sotto la Cupola” festival, an initiative of a scientific and grassroots nature, born of the cooperation of the Novara County Education Office with the Scientific Committee of which “Science is a Cool Association”, and Iti “Omar” of Novara and the University of Eastern Piedmont, the last event taking place on May 31 and June 1 at Broletto in Novara.

Numerous students and schools in the area also fed a number of science enthusiasts who participated and engaged in labs, conferences, and “science appetizers” that alternated in two days of deadlines in existence. The main novelty of an event, now tested and appreciated in its contents and for the prestige of speakers who have the advantage of publishing topics in a rigorous manner, but still accessible to the public, is the presence of primary school children, with the aim of stimulating the curiosity that has always allowed the progress of science even in the young.

Here, in detail, the numbers of attendance at various dates: “Professional Names”, “Color Games” and “Eye … in the tools of the profession” workshops! They saw the participation of about a hundred children from Polini Elementary School (Doca Aosta Comprehensive School) and from Sacro Cure in Novara.
As for conferences, on May 31 there were conferences on “Mass quantum phenomena and superconductivity” and the conferences “From the dream of Democritus to the Higgs boson. Humanity’s greatest adventure ”, which received support from Eti “Omar” and Liceo Scientifico“ Sobrero ” From Casale Monferrato, while the June 1 meetings on “Urban Biodiversity. The Amazing Science of Cities’ Plants” and “Chemistry: All Combinations of the Future. From the First Words to the Last Symbols” also collected adhesions from the Scientific High School of “Carlo Alberto” Boarding School: Sabah Very participatory, with over two hundred students attentive and interested in listening to speakers at the highest level on very complex scientific topics and research topic.
A good response from the audience also for the afternoon meetings: “Sayings to say and do .. A search between lights and shadows” on May 31 at Palais Natta, while “Science fiction against the reality of the present and the future” on 1 June hosted by Circolo dei Lettere.

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