September 22, 2023

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Don’t take off the F-35 and crash into the sea

Takeoff failed and the F-35 crashed into the sea. British Royal Navy commanders are desperately searching for a sailor who distributed a video of an F-35B crashing into the sea during take-off from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth on the Internet. The 16-second video, documenting the incident dating back to November 17, was posted on Twitter and then re-launched by the media. The video appears to have been transcribed with a smartphone, taking pictures of the aircraft carrier’s surveillance cameras from an indoor monitor.

This is a serious breach of safety rules, especially after the accident triggered a frantic search for wreckage by the British Navy, fearing that the plane – and its covert technology – would be tracked down by opposing forces such as Russia and China.

An investigation is underway into the causes of the accident, which cost British taxpayers £100 million, a significant sum representing the value of the F-35B, but the plane is believed to have crashed due to rain cover accidentally left on the fuselage, soaking up the plane. . from one of the engines. The pilot managed to eject himself from the cockpit of the plane, before it crashed from the take-off surface and was not damaged. In the footage, his parachute is seen spinning in the air.