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Nuclear attack on a plane: the exciting training stationed at Aviano and in Germany: the “horrific” simulation

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Aviano – Spangdahlem Air Base (GermanyLander Rhineland-Palatinate is a few kilometers from the border with Luxembourg) and the US Air Force is one of Aviano United in a workout that gives you goosebumps. Because the scenario is what precedes the escalation of the war NuclearAlbeit using tactical and non-strategic weapons. The seriousness of the operation is evident from the technical clothing used by the soldiers participating in the exercise: truly horrific. In detail, it was a special operation to rescue and disinfect an F-16 plane coming from an area with high radioactivity.

Nuclear attack on Aviano base

The heightened tension on the global geopolitical chessboard has once again made the real nuclear scenario credible – even if not at all desirable – and therefore not merely theoretical and based on the concept of mutual deterrence. Even on the Ukrainian battlefield, for example, there has often been talk about the possibility of Russia using tactical, and thus lower-potential, atomic weapons compared to strategic warheads. In Aviano, it was also decided to intensify training to be ready to work in such contexts as well. In detail, during the training also organized in Aviano, F-16 fighter pilots learn how to safely relaunch an aircraft exposed to nuclear radiation.

Ukraine, the threat of nuclear war after the destruction of Russian radar? This is what Putin’s decree stipulates

Classroom lessons were followed by rehearsal. The pilots were covered from head to toe in yellow protective suits, rubber boots, gloves and a gas mask. More than 30 Airmen from various professional backgrounds participated in the response, including emergency responders, medical and refueling personnel, aircraft equipment workers, weapons crews and maintenance workers. Electronic personal dosimeters, about the size of a credit card, were attached to suits to monitor individual radiation exposure, and other instruments detected the level of radioactive particles in the air and on board. According to the scenario, the adversaries used tactical nuclear weapons against the allies. “It was possible to carry out a counterattack mission through radioactive materials – explained Joe Potacek, one of the trainers -. The idea is: “How does the Air Force continue its mission?” – He said – How can we keep the plane in flight and at the same time protect people? The training can be applied to a variety of situations, such as exposure to radiation resulting from a nuclear power plant accident, such as the one that occurred in Fukushima, Japan, following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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Russian nuclear warheads Lukashenko: “We host dozens of them in Belarus. “We risk a nuclear apocalypse.”


In the exercise, also conducted at Aviano, the pilots entered data into an Excel spreadsheet and calculated hypothetical radiation exposure. This information allows leaders to assess risks. Pilots wearing gas masks learned to communicate with hand signals, such as tapping each other on the head if they felt sick. Maintenance workers had to carefully inspect the plane’s air intake, looking for cracks or dents in the engine blades.

F-16 flying

Meanwhile, there are other noteworthy movements, but this time related to the geopolitical panorama of the Middle East and not to the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe. According to various funds, in fact, aSome F-16s from the US Air Force Base at Aviano made a “stopover” at Prince Sultan Military Air Base in Saudi Arabia. The country has been an ally of the United States of America in the region for years and relations have strengthened further since the risk of escalation between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran has become more real than ever. In this case, Aviano acts as a logistical base for travel.

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