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Tata Globetrotter mission Canada, Plot, Cast, Finale, It was filmed

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A nanny is hired to take care of a difficult child in Canada.

Channel 5 He proposes a film titled Tata Globetrotter Mission Canada. It is a sentimental film with a romantic atmosphere.

Production is Germany. The year of construction is 2021 and the duration is one hour and 28 minutes.

Tata Globetrotter Mission Canada Movie – Direction, Protagonists, Where It Was Shot

is in direction Sasha Bigler. Main protagonists Henriette Hafner And Christopher Hunter explained respectively by Saskia Wester And Jens Atzorn. More actors Holy Eliza in the role Greta Hunter.

The shooting took place CanadaEspecially A Vancouver and neighboring areas of territory British Columbia.

Production is FFP New Media GmbH In alliance with it Universal screen And ARD Degeto.

The film is known internationally by the title itself Das Kindermädchen: Mission Canada.

Tata Globetrotter mission Canada is where the film was shot

Tata Globetrotter mission Canada – The plot of the film aired on Channel 5

Nanny is the heroine of the story Henriette HafnerFamiliarly called Heni. Aya was hired by a businessman of German descent, Christopher Hunter, long widowed. task Henriette Taking care of businessman’s daughter, Greta.

In this way, the entrepreneur will calmly take care of his work, business and plan the second marriage which he has been thinking about for a few days. In fact, he is named after another woman Pia Schmidt Whose stepmother to be Greta.

Henriette He notices the age of thirteen very soon Greta Her future stepmother has a lot of problems Pia. He cannot communicate with her in any way. But the girl is also a magnet for trouble. In fact, he often commits petty theft, participates in very rowdy parties, and as if that wasn’t enough, always gets bad grades in school.

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Final spoiler

It is difficult Henriette Find an approach with Greta. The task of winning a 13-year-old’s trust can be long and complicated. Henriette In fact with a lot of calm, gentleness and familiarity he eventually manages to win the trust Greta She discovers what is really missing from the family of the businessman she hires. What is missing is human warmth.

Tata Globetrotter mission Canada final film

Tata Globetrotter Mission Canada: Full Cast

Below is the cast of the film Tata Globetrotter Mission Canada And the actors played their respective characters

  • Saskia Wester: Henriette Hafner
  • Jens Atzorn: Christopher Hunter
  • Celeste ‘Coco’ Kahn: Child
  • Holy Eliza: Greta Hunter
  • Helena Heidebrecht: Sylvie Meiberg
  • Trixie Johnson: Bristol Hunter
  • Scott A. McGillivray: John Marsh
  • Cynthia Mendes: Sales Assistant
  • Juliana Monk: Sharon
  • Jurgen Donkel: Theo Lobinger
  • Louis Wolfram: Pia Schmidt
  • Erin Marshall: Club membership

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