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Porsche, the revolution arrives: We turn to this engine

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Porsche’s first model: the legendary 356 –

Porsche is a German luxury sports car company founded in 1931 in Stuttgart by the bohemian Ferdinand Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche He became known for his work in the Volkswagen, as the first model for common use was created at the behest of Adolf Hitler, volks is actually in the genitive case of the word meaning people, while Wagen corresponds to automobile. Hitler himself ordered in 1938 to create a more performance car model, and Ferdinand, together with his son Ferry, forged the legendary first Porsche model, the 356which will be produced in both convertible and coupe versions.

Porsche has produced some of the most iconic and beloved sports cars of all time, incl Porsche 911which has been in production since 1963. Originally it was supposed to be called the Porsche 901 but by that time Peugeot had already registered all numbers for its cars with the number zero in a central position.

The Porsche 911 was first introduced 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show It has been a huge success since its debut. The original design was created by Ferdinand’PozziPorsche, the grandson of the company’s founder, was distinguished by a two-door body with clean, elegant lines and an air-cooled six-cylinder rear engine, which became a trademark of Porsche.

How has the Porsche 911 evolved over the years and what does the future hold for this legendary model?

Porsche 911 has suffered Many developments Over the years, but the basic idea has remained the same. The engine has been improved, the chassis has been redesigned to improve speed and efficiency, but the main feature of the Porsche 911 is Fitit was kept.

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The new Porsche 911 Turbo, 2024 –

In the 1990s, Porsche introduced the Porsche 993which was the last version of the Porsche 911 series with an air-cooled engine, while in 1997, it was Porsche 996 Which marked a breakthrough for the company as it was the first Porsche 911 with a liquid-cooled engine.

The Porsche 911 has continued to evolve and improve over the years, with the introduction of Porsche 997 in 2005 and Porsche 991 in 2011. The latter saw the introduction of new technologies, such as a seven-speed PDK gearbox, all-wheel drive and an aluminum body. In 2019, Porsche unveiled the new Porsche 911, known as Porsche 992. The new version saw the introduction of new technologies such as Porsche Communication Management, and the new Porsche Wet Mode, which helps the driver manage driving in rainy conditions.

As for the near future, there are some really unusual rumors. The German company is likely to produce the new company 911 Turbo With a decisive stylistic change at the back. This indicates how the new model that will arrive in 2024 will be in version hybrid, So you need much more space for batteries and huge electricity system integration. In fact, the German engineers had to work hard on the rear hood to try to increase the volume to accommodate the attachments of the new, no longer entirely internal combustion engine. For posterity, the arduous sentence in the issuance or lack of success of this new model Porsche signed!

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