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Coat, Ice Cube, Run: Patrick Swayze’s Difficulties in Stealth

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ghost – ghost is a 1990 film directed by Jerry Zucker that really needs no introduction, given that over the years it has managed to become a real cult, so much so that it always scores record ratings with every TV spot. The film – which is broadcast this evening at 21.21 on Canale 5 – is similar to films such as Personal guard or Pretty woman, A title that has become the cornerstone of any genre and, therefore, it is always important to review it in light of social and cultural changes.

ghost – ghost, plot

Toxic (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi MooreTwo young lovers start a new chapter in their lives in a New York loft. He is a bank employee, while she is an artist: they seem to have a promising future together, as if they have all the time in the universe to make any dream or wish come true. But fate gets in the way and one evening, during an alleged robbery, Sam is shot dead. Caught between the world of the living and the dead, unable to protect the woman he loves who appears to be in danger, Sam must find the world to unravel the mystery behind his murder. So he decided to ask Oda Mae Brown for help (Whoopi Goldberg), a psychic who can hear him and who becomes his stepping stone to complete all unfinished business. All this while Molly grows closer to Carl (Tony Goldwyn), Sam’s best friend, who seems to have secrets he doesn’t want to reveal.

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The hardships of Patrick Swayze

ghost – ghost Not only is it a movie that entered cinema history with force, but it is also the movie with dirty dancing, Help make Patrick Swayze an immortal actor, an interpreter who is able to defeat oblivion and death itself thanks to two cinematic personalities who made history and entered the hearts of millions of viewers. if in dirty dancing His role was that of the “beautiful and damned” canon, V.I ghosts His Sam is actually a very kind and sweet character who is charmed precisely because of the goodness of his soul. as he read IMDB extension, it was Patrick Swayze who wanted to join the project. In the interview you can read: “I needed to do Ghost for my soul. I came from Road House and Crossroads. I didn’t want to be just an action movie actor.” The weight of Patrick Swayze’s presence in the movie was such that the actor always suggested it Whoopi Goldberg I played Oda Mai. Patrick Swayze, always a huge fan of the actress, was the one in production who insisted that the Sister Actress have a co-star role.

However, despite this much involvement in the film’s intentions, Patrick Swayze did not want to shoot ghost – ghost She also had contraindications. For example, the fact that his character was a ghost implies that Sam was immune to the cold, so in scenes shot outside at night, Patrick Swayze can’t wear coats or other clothing other than what his character wears throughout the movie. Even worse, in the nighttime chase scene on the streets of New York, the temperatures were already very low. Since the scene involved running around, everyone was out of breath. Sam, however, being a ghost can’t breathe and we didn’t want his breath to be visible through the condensation. That’s why the poor actor was forced to chew ice in order to film the scene and to be believed in the role of the ghost. But, as stated on the website ofInternet Movie DatabaseFor Patrick Swayze, the biggest challenges did not come from the physical side, but from the emotional and rational side. Indeed, due to his nature as a ghost, Sam is a character who for most of the film finds himself more like an observer than an element of the action: for Patrick Swayze, from this point of view, Sam was the most difficult character ever to be interpreted, precisely Because it requires a work of subtraction.

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