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Over the past few years, instant messaging apps have undoubtedly depopulated the web. The most famous and currently used are certainly WhatsApp (now used by millions, if not billions of users) and Telegram, which has made its way thanks above all to the use of advanced encryption.

Let’s see together some news coming from WhatsApp, which will surely make all users happy, probably.

The company plans to launch one New feature to enhance privacy. Thanks to this feature, Any action capable of capturing the audiovisual content contained in the chat will be blocked. By doing this, it will be practically impossible for you to be able to take screenshots of photos or videos sent within the chat. At the moment, this feature is still running and we do not know when it will be included in the official versions of WhatsApp for both operating systems, respectively Android and iOS.

To “find” this feature, as usual, it would have been the famous Gate webinfowhich he would find insideiOS App Beta Some threads that would suggest the arrival of the ability to block screenshots within chats on WhatsApp. This will affect both videos and photos which, at the user’s choice, can only be viewed once. However, nothing regarding the text part, which, as usual, will be subject to the possibility of making screenshots in problems and quite quietly.

At the moment, the only option available to the user is to choose a preventive method of blocking screenshots using a listed setting.

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More features are on the way

Undoubtedly, this new feature is likely to be introduced in the next beta versions of WhatsApp already in the next few weeks, on iOS. Different talk for Android beta testers, who will have to wait a little longer to test out the new features.

Finally, remember that WhatsApp recently introduced the possibility Contact linksthat is, function Allows you to instantly enter a video call group by simply clicking on a direct link. In this case, it is enough to send the contact link to the reference contact to allow him to enter the group in a simple and intuitive way.

Whatsapp 2 Adnkronos

At this point, we just have to wait for more official information from the company itself regarding the introduction of this new feature, sure that it will arrive in a few weeks or months, respectively, on the operating systems of the two major phones.

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