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Biden: “Military intervention if China invades Taiwan” – Politics

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United State They will intervene militarily If China is going to try to take Taiwan by force: President Joe Biden has been dry and direct, adding to the fact that Beijing is “playing with fire” in comparison with Ukraine. From Tokyo, at the joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Biden’s words sounded a sharp change of course in relations with Taipei, which I surprised you Closest advisors to the White House. Biden was asked about the United States’ willingness to engage militarily against an attempt by Chinese forces to take control of Taipei, given US concerns about Ukraine. “Yes. This is a commitment we made. We agree with the ‘one China’ policy.” The Chinese reaction is as expected, angry.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded, “No one should underestimate the insistence, firm will and strong ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” given that Taiwan “cares about internal affairs.” In a nightly note, the central government’s Taiwan Affairs Office said the United States was playing with fire using “Taiwan card“To contain China, warning that”They will burnThe official position has not changed, the official said, noting that “our obligation under the Taiwan Relations Act is to provide Taiwan with military means.” to defend itself.” To clarify the terms of the question, the US government maintained its “strategic ambiguity” about the use of military force in Chinese attacks against Taipei, which was adopted after Washington transferred diplomatic recognition to Beijing in 1979, rendering relations between the United States and Taiwan inconclusive. Official The goal is to dissuade China from attacking Taiwan, as well as the island from seeking independence: neither side can be sure of American intervention to defend the island.

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US President Joe Biden raises today from Japan Veil on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (Ipef) The ambitious investment plan and the strengthening of trade relations that will increase the American presence in the region and lay the foundations for communication between the likes with the aim of containing China. “There will be tangible economic benefits for countries that want to participate,” Biden asserts. Instead, Beijing is talking about a “strategy doomed to failure”.

“There will be tangible economic benefits for the countries that wish to participate in the New Economic Alliance in the Indo-Pacific region,” the US President emphasized in the Tokyo meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, on the sidelines of the bilateral conference. The summit that will precede the informal quadripartite meeting with the participation of the leaders of India and Australia scheduled for tomorrow. On the second and final leg of his trip to Asia, Biden repeated this The United States is determined to defend JapanThey maintain an alliance with him that they consider the “cornerstone” of peace and stability in the region

“The new economic platform will be presented to hinder Chinese expansion, And it will bring many benefits to the whole region,” the US president added on the sidelines of the meeting. At the beginning of the open meeting to the press, Biden thanked Japan for standing by the West to preserve democratic values. Ensuring implementation of sanctions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Kishida called for greater cooperation between the two countries to ensure peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. “Any use of force to change the world order – continued Kishida, will not be tolerated.”

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To the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (Ipef) 13 countries joined: Biden announced this at a joint press conference in Tokyo with Kishida at the end of their summit.

Biden also said that he stands “Considering” the abolition of some trade duties on ChinaNoting that it was not imposed by his administration. “We have not imposed any of these tariffs,” he said at the joint press conference. “Its abolition is a measure under discussion,” he added.

The US strategy in the Indo-Pacific to form “small groups in the name of freedom and openness” whose sole aim is to contain China is doomed to failure. The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi added that if the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (Ipef), the ambitious investment plan and the strengthening of trade relations in the region that the US president is preparing to launch today in Tokyo, become a political tool for the United States to protect regional economic hegemony and deliberately exclude certain countries, He’d be on the wrong track.”

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