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Trenque Laquen: Laura Citarella’s film directed by El Pampero Cine arrives in Italy

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And here the famous film of the Argentine director, part of the most interesting artistic and production collection of the contemporary cinema scene, will arrive in our cinemas.

We have told you repeatedly about El Pampero Cinemathe Argentine production company that is more of an artistic collective than a real production company, and from which some of the most important things in world cinema have come out in the last ten years and so on.
The main and most famous exponent of El Pampero Cinemaas well as one of its founders, is the Great Mariano Llinas, the man who – with his friends and colleagues – created masterpieces such as Historias Extraordinarias, La Flor and Corsini plays at Blomberg y Maciel. But it has also been part of El Pampero Cine since its founding Laura CitarellaWhich is what he actually took out La mujer de los perrosWhich toured in 2015 in the most important international festivals, and in 2022, it impressed audiences and critics Venice Film Festival With his new counterpart Trink Laquinwhich was presented in the Orizzonti section.
It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to announce this Trink Laquina film that is not easy to distribute due to it being “out of format” (it is divided into two parts of four hours and twenty minutes), will arrive in cinemas in our country: it will be released Showing in cinemas from November 16, distributed by EXIT Mediapreceded by a preview in 16th Spanish and Latin American Film Festival Which will be held at the Barberini Cinema in Rome from November 5 to 12.
Here is the official plot of Trenque Laquen, a film that we hope you all have the opportunity and desire to see:

Divided into two parts and with an episodic structure, the film revolves around the mystery of Laura (played by Laura Paredes, also co-screenwriter) who disappears without a trace in Trinque Lacuín, a small town in the Argentine pampas (from which the film takes its title). He conducted botanical research for several months. The two men who love her set out to search for her.
This sudden escape becomes the nucleus of a series of mysteries: Laura’s disappearance is intertwined with the secret hidden in the library books, with the love correspondence of another woman who also disappeared many years before; to the mysterious yellow flowers; To the mystery of Lake Trenque Lauquen and the shock of its community by a supernatural event… In this story, which like a treasure contains many other stories, the search for oneself and the search for others are constantly intertwined, while dreaming life and living life coincide. But it is not a philosophical film: it is a film of love and adventure, in which the exploration of an Argentine city is merely an opportunity to delve deeper into the human soul. The mystery surrounding the hero turns the film into a visual novel in which to get lost, an ode to search and beauty. But also a tribute to cinema, and above all to “The Adventure of Michelangelo Antonioni”, after all, the beginning itself is an almost inevitable reference to the first chapter of the famous Incommunicable Trilogy.
The film’s story continues from mystery to mystery, through a unique interwoven narrative that allows the author to reflect on issues particularly dear to her such as feminism – not only for the explicit references to Alexandra Colontag – but also to play with genres, from mystery to drama combining life and cinema. In one great job.

After the world premiere in Venice. Trink Laquin It was shown in many festivals such as San Sebastian International Film Festival And the New York Film Festival. The film was also distributed in the United States, and has a 95% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
This is the official Italian trailer for Trenque Laquen:

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