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2-0, Pesonen doubles in the final – OA Sport

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7.24 Thank you for watching the game with us at OA Sport, the date with hockey at 2.15 pm for the second semi-final match between Russia and Sweden.

7.22 ends here! Finland beat Slovakia 2-0 and reached the final to win the gold medal, in which they will face a match between Russia and Sweden soon on the field.

20′ goal! Finland doubled, started again in the transitional phase and with an empty net sealed with a score of 2-0 with Pesonen!

18 ′ Slovakia playing goalkeeper movement.

17 ′ It is a real attack of the Slovaks who are trying to take dirty conclusions towards the opponent’s goal.

15′ Slovakia maintains its possession to experience the final siege.

13′ Teams that produce many scoring opportunities without taking advantage of them get the longest.

10′ Finland is back in the attack, excellent intervention from Ribar.

7, Komarov approaches, but does not raise the puck enough.

4 ′ opportunity for Slovakia, is not fruity near the goal line.

2′ two minutes from the penalty kick for Slovak Pospisil for a flight.

6.46 The third and final period of play begins.

6.31 The second half also ended. Slovakia more than Finland, but the Scandinavians are leading 1-0.

20, Hrivik concluded the golden opportunity for Slovakia that comes quite a bit, excellent transmission.

19 ′ Nice attempt from Slovakia, Satteri intercepts and resorts to the clash.

16′ exciting stage of the match, there are opportunities for both sides.

12′ Finland didn’t take advantage of that, coming back in five for five.

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10′ Another penalty for Slovakia, Regida is out and now it’s tough.

9′ first strong match of the match: Slovakia will have to dispense with Ceresnak.

7′ Slovakia pushes hard, and Satri is still preserved.

6.02 The second half begins.

05.55 We are moving towards the end of the first period.

05.42 End of the first half. Finland – Slovakia 1-0 in the men’s ice hockey tournament semi-finals. Sakari Maninen scored a goal in the 16th minute.

16′ Finland goal! Sakkari Maninen snatches center at the end of an excellent move by Petri Lindbaum and Sami Vatanen. Finland 1-0 Slovakia.

14′ Finland tries to push, but Slovakia manages to defend itself brilliantly: 0-0.

05.25 In the first ten minutes of the game three shots on each side, but the result did not open.

8 ′ The study phase between the two teams is very tactical and narrow in the first third. The initial tie remains: 0-0.

5′ first five minutes of study between Finland and Slovakia, always 0-0.

05.10 The game begins.

05.05 Finland starts with the underdog, but Slovakia has all the qualifications to give life to a vibrant semi-final.

05.00 ten minutes before the start of the match.

04.54 Slovakia achieved a major achievement by eliminating the United States in the quarter-finals.

04.52 The Finns, led by coach Jukka Jalonen, were undefeated in the Chinese Olympic tournament and had already beaten the Slovak team on the first day of the group stage 6-2.

04.52 The match will start at 05.10 on the ice in the Chinese capital. The winner will then face the winner from Russia and Sweden in the final.

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04.50 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Finland and Slovakia, in the first semi-finals of the ice hockey tournament at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Good night OA Sport friends and welcome LIVE LIVE from Finland and Slovakia, valid as the first semi-finals of the men’s ice hockey tournament at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The National Indoor Stadium hosts a match that actually awards a medal, in fact the winner will reach the final and the certainty of getting one of the first two steps of the five ring podium will be guaranteed. It will see the second semi-final between the Russian Olympic Committee and Sweden, starting at 14.10 Italian time.

The Finns, led by coach Jukka Yalonen, have not lost in the Chinese Olympics and have previously beaten the Slovak team on the first day of the group stage 6-2, so they should be considered the favorites today. Despite the achievement of Juraj Slavkovsky and his co-workers in the quarter-finals against Team USA.

The match kicks off at 5.10am in Italy as the first semi-final of the Olympic men’s ice hockey tournament kicks off in Beijing 2022 between Finland and Slovakia. OA Sport brings you a live stream Event text with real-time updates: Enjoy!

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