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Pellet stoves, heating cost more: how many bags do you need?

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Heating costs more: How many bags of pellets do you need to run and heat the stove?

Pellets for stove (Pixabay)

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In the end Yearsmany families decided choose, decide Stove heating a pellets. Until last year it looked like one Cucumber Really helpful price From the pellets was suitable, factory heating It was really effective and the winter cold didn’t raise anything Worry. For this winter, as we know, things are many Different. The price The number of pellets is increasing more and more: but how many bags They are wanted today to be able to heat one Homepage? Let’s find out right away.

Pellets: How many bags are needed today?

The skyrocketing cost of pellets
Running pellet stove (Pixabay)

L ‘winter It was no longer a distant worry, as one might have predicted steadily receipt. Temperatures that have been so far Luckily keep enough high As for the season, they’re on the decline now quickly The heaters will be used it is necessary. With the economic crisis that is leaded It will also be difficult to afford heating.

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As we have already said, many familiesin recent years, on let Heating your home in stoves Powered by pellets. but with Rising pricesUnstoppable, even the price of this product has become unsustainable. If until last year possible between buying pellets 4 Based on 4.50 Euros per bag, today prices are more than double. Each bag of pellets contains a coil costin fact, from about 12 The euro is expected to increase Larger In the coming months, which could lead to the cost of each bag of 14 euro.

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but why stoves Pellets, suddenly became a way to keep warm too expensive? It could be a war between Russia and Ukraine It is considered Reason: From these countries we bought 2021 about 10% Of the pellets we consumed. However, no turns up To be such a ratio high To be able to influence prices in this important way Stream. Our country produces approx 450 A tons of pellets, meaning that l85% It is imported but from where? mainly from France And the Germanybut also from Canada, Vietnam, China and the United States.

How much does pellet heating cost?

The problem is that you Register In our country is that a lot has been done Facilities From pellet stoves but production is not a plus. Also in this case, for gas and electricity we are employees From outside. If it is true, then, this situation geopolitics affect, it is true that Market It works quite simply: More salt demand and higher i the prices. and that is Explanation It makes more sense to justify the increase too sudden And overpriced.

but how much is it to heat up, Today, a house with pellets? bag of pellets harsh On average per day, the house will be warmed approximately 7/8 hours. to heat 12 Hours will take a bag and a half a day. want to take in consideration Current prices, from 12 € per bag (on average), the cost of the entire winter fluctuates between 1500 Based on 2000 euro.

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Last year, however, the cost the total For almost the whole winter it was 800 euro. Nice difference, which greatly affects the costs of running a household. There are a lot of people who have Cucumber Do not buy pellets especially in hopefull Prices can drop in winter refer.

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