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The new Alfa Romeo in the Carabinieri? It’s scary (video)

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The Tommaso D’Amico Show offers us a very special model, built for the police. This is what the new Alfa Romeo from the Carabinieri will look like.

The Biscione brand, after a very complicated period, is back on its feet. The years of the pandemic, thanks to problems with the ingredients, have dealt a severe blow to the balance sheets of the Arese brand. It now appears that the crisis is behind us, and with the release of the Tonale, Alfisti has managed to re-appreciate Alfa Romeo’s style, in a different and very big key. Perhaps the purists didn’t appreciate the option to focus on SUVsbut the public went crazy for the high-wheeled cars and the Alpha adapted.

Alfa Romeo logo (Adobe Stock)

Even Ferrari had to offer the Purosangue SUV. In 2022, the Alfa brand, which is part of the Stellantis Group, unveiled Tonale. The wait was long due to many delays imposed by emergency factors. Stelvio’s younger sister was supposed to arrive in 2021, but it took a long time. The final version of the series production was presented, in fact, at a press event broadcast live on February 8, 2022. It is the first Alfa Romeo to be powered by hybrid, light and plug-in engines, as well as the first to be available only with an automatic transmission. The Tonale was built at the Pomigliano d’Arco factory on a modified platform from Jeep Renegade and Compass.

Fortunately, the signature elements of the Biscione brand are not lacking. The LED headlights consist of three separate projectors that evoke those on the SZ and Brera in shape. The latter had three round spotlights, which is definitely more aggressive. The dimensions of the car are in line with other competing SUVs. The momentum makes it a more urban and less rugged car. The instrument panel with a 12.3-inch digital display is combined with a second touch-screen display, located at the top of the instrument panel. The instrumentation’s modular telescope design is also a trademark of Tonale. The latter has enriched the list, which is orphaned by models such as Giulietta and MiTo.

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The Stellantis Group’s Lombard brand will focus on electricity for the next few years With the launch of new innovative models, hoping to attract the attention of new customers. Those who usually buy Alfa Romeo for compact and sporty models will likely be disappointed. Betting everything on electricity can be a particularly exciting goal, but now it seems impossible to back off. To show off the light, in terms of sales, the Arese house chose the simplest route, which is to ride in SUV fashion. Hybrid and electric cars continue to travel in disproportionate numbers for the average user in our country. Tonale starts at 35,000 euros, and competes with an increasingly intense competition openly.

The engines are all four-cylinder in-line with a turbochargerThey are arranged horizontally and all are equipped with an automatic transmission as standard. The Tonale debuts with a 1.5-liter VGT Miller-cycle VGT (Variable Geometry) petrol engine with a variable geometry turbo of 160 hp and 240 Nm of torque, with a compression ratio of 12.5: 1 and direct fuel injection at 350 bar. Automatic transmission with a seven-speed gearbox designed in cooperation with Magna Steyr, as well as a 48-volt electric battery with a capacity of 15 kW and 55 Nm. The special aspect is that the electrical unit is not connected to the crankshaft but to the gearbox, which causes the car to move without the help of the internal combustion engine only in certain situations at low speeds. A plug-in Hybrid Q4 engine and a 180 HP 1.3 Multiair FireFly turbo petrol engine are also available.

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Alfa Romeo Tonali, carabinieri model

Historically, Alfa Romeo cars have always played a leading role in this weapon. Alfa Romeo has always responded well to all police needs. A matter of strength, but also about durability. In the presentation below, the Italian architect and designer, Tommaso D’Amico, has developed the Tonale with the typical coloring of the Carabinieri models, while the State Police has already ordered a total of 616 units destined to become “Panthers” on the street. Soon we’ll see several Alfa Romeos on the street, but the designer has moved forward, also imagining the Carabinieri at the wheel of the Arese’s new SUV. Also take a look at Julia in this special edition.

Tommaso D’Amico announced on his YouTube channel: “In this video I propose a model that further enhances the sporty qualities of the new Police Tonale, in particular for the Carabinieri. By admiring something with an undoubtedly innovative side, which adds so much grit and strength to style and personality, we notice that these characteristics give a very relevant sense of purpose. The respective version will focus on modern infotainment and connectivity systems, with excellent habitability characteristics In addition to the components of the weapon owed. This jewel, which is based on modern technologies, offers the TCT7 Hybrid 1.5 160 HP, with automatic transmission and RWD engine. In terms of equipment, the model adds impressive 20-inch wheels to what has already been described. The body color will naturally be the usual blue of the weapon with the classic red bands“.

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