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Sniper Elite 5 Review

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Marksman Karl Fairburne is back in action, tasked with thwarting a plan that might lead the Nazis to victory: the Sniper Elite 5 review.

There’s no doubt that Rebellion has managed to create a solid and interesting brand with Sniper Elite, with a well-known protagonist, a standardized formula and even the ability to draw from the parent series some fun performances, from the Zombie Army horror saga all the co-op adventures to Strange Brigade.

In short, what we face in a small way is real sniper We hope it will grow more, but with those artistic and artistic boundaries that characterize each new release and that become clearer over time, inevitably giving the experience a glimpse of history.

Is the new campaign in France also suffering from such problems? Or were the innovations introduced for Chapter 5, available at no additional cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers, able to smooth out those edges? We reveal it to you in Sniper Elite 5 Review?


Sniper Elite 5, Karl Fairborn does what he does best

sniper Carl Fairborn He would not be able to allow himself some well-deserved rest until World War II ended with an Allied victory. Thus, after participating in the African campaign of 1942 and fighting with revolutionaries in Italy in 1943, the infallible sniper left for France with the task of highlighting the mysterious Kraken project: a plan that could allow the Nazi army to strike enemy forces before they even landed in Europe, thus reversing the tide of conflict.

there Date So, Sniper Elite 5 adopts the same plot as always, with the lethal weapon selected and sabotaged while the protagonist unfortunately remains incomprehensible, the stereotype of the brave hero who never manages to break out of his role. In short, the general inability to build a plot more complex than usual is confirmed, also and above all with regard to the characterization of the supporting actors and opponents. and the Give up dubbing in Italian After all these years it makes things worse.

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Sniper Elite 5, close-up X-ray execution
Sniper Elite 5, close-up X-ray execution

However, there is some news related to the show, with one country side It consists of nine fairly large missions (their total duration should be about eight hours, depending on the secondary objectives completed and the difficulty chosen) which can be played alone or in cooperative With a friend, thus coordinating actions and creating exciting combat sequences.

The maps The story mode has become very large and freely explored and is full of secrets and points of interest that we can discover by traveling far and wide, between one main objective and another. We will also have ziplines available to move quickly in certain areas and new skills related to climbing so that we can reach buildings controlled by enemy soldiers in a different way.

PossibilityInvadethis is the possibility of a second player entering our game by playing the role of a Nazi officer whose task will be to try to put a speaker in the wheel, recognize us in the scenario and attack us in a way that is certainly more effective and unexpected compared to the usual AI than stealth in action.

The package is complete the way Survival, it can also be played alone or cooperatively, in which we will have to defend a series of situations from the arrival of Nazi forces within three possible scenarios; and the situation Multiplewith now traditional competitive terms for up to sixteen participants which add a small but fun addition to the experience.


Sniper Elite 5, the protagonist takes aim
Sniper Elite 5, the protagonist takes aim

We then come to Play, which is still strongly related to the formula we know so well, other than with some small differences on the topic. The open maps, which we have seen since Sniper Elite 4, indicate a great freedom of action and approach that in this case also makes a difference, avoiding falling into a predetermined progress and giving us the possibility to complete the task exactly as we wish. .

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So we would be able to act strategically, pointing out targets with periscopes and finding raised points from which to hit them with our sniper rifle, perhaps after fiddling with the usual internal combustion engine to cover up the sound of the shot and avoid alerting enemy forces. . ; or shorten the distances, crouch in the tall grass to stay hidden and eliminate the guards with the dagger or the silent pistol; Or until you take care of everything and open fire with your face open, knowing that at this point we will find ourselves with dozens of enemies who will try to surround us.

Sniper Elite 5, the devastating effects of bullets in X-ray Kill Cams
Sniper Elite 5, the devastating effects of bullets in X-ray Kill Cams

mechanics stealthily It is basically the same as always and inevitably bends the intelligence of enemies to the needs of the gameplay, making sure they stay long behind in favor of our sorties or that they don’t sound the alarm for more than a certain amount of time to prevent the entire mission from being compromised. L ‘Equilibrium The findings of the Rebellion at this juncture seem reasonable and the novelty of the upgradeable capabilities are nice, but the problems are other.

Once you get out of your comfort zone of remote shots with active focus, which thanks to our awesome Kill Cams X-rays are even deadlier, Playing with firearms The Sniper Elite 5 is assured to be modest, rough and confusing. Blame it on the general woods of the motions and animation, but also and above all the way our character interacts with the scenario, exposing frankly outdated technological rules.

they don’t help orderswith different overlaps that can be really annoying in some situations, while we appreciated the use of DualSense’s adaptive triggers: half press for a third target, full press to see the iron.

Graphics and sound

Sniper Elite 5 features some cool scenarios
Sniper Elite 5 features some cool scenarios

There is not much to go around: Graphics Sniper Elite 5 is very old and from this point of view the series will definitely need a major revamp. The textures are further defined and the scenarios chosen for this campaign are really cool when French castles are involved, however fanciful, but the quality of the models and the polygonal animations leave something really desirable, as well as the overall effects.

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Top PS5 The game moves to 60 frames per second By default, without giving alternative options, there is no doubt that doubling the frame rate compared to previous episodes adds responsiveness and accuracy to the experience, especially in moving shots and in more active situations.

little to say about soundwhich switches the usual themes of the franchise with only secretly interpreted dialogues, as stated without dubbing in Italian but only in English with subtitles (however, an error does not allow you to deactivate it).


tested version PlayStation 5

digital delivery

Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store


The Sniper Elite 5 is probably the best episode of the Rebellion series, but five years into the previous chapter it was a project to expect more substantial improvements compared to a pair of ziplines, chrome climbing capability, active reloading and skill development. Indeed, the formula is the same as always, but the problems of playing with firearms other than that of remote and the noticeable woodenness of the character’s movements and interactions also remained, betraying the ancient nature of an uncompetitive tech sector. With what the market has to offer at the moment.


  • Widely proven gameplay
  • Some new methods enrich the structure
  • Unlock maps and a couple of cool scenarios


  • Technically outdated
  • It was legitimate to expect more relevant news
  • The campaign is completing very quickly

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