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In space, a sci-fi plane will last a long time

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Will we ever be able to, thanks Ramjit (Ramjit In English, we build the ships of the future? This is the question asked by two A-physicists. The original study by the scientific journal Acta Astronautica.

A jet engine, whose thrust is produced by expelling gases from the combustion of fuel, has no moving mechanical parts – hence the term “statu”, which means “fixed”.

This engine, which “breathes” air, is distinguished by just a simple tube. The only drawback: it cannot take off on its own, and therefore must be dropped from a carrier vehicle.


In the Earth’s atmosphere, this thrust mode works perfectly. So these science fiction-loving scientists wondered: What about interstellar travel??

Although today Some very advanced or new technologies that can be discovered, the only solution to driving a space shuttle is a rocket engine, a system that requires fuel and therefore remains limited in terms of speed and range. So a jet spacecraft would be a revolution.

superior civilization

This idea is not new, we have already seen it in many works of fiction. For example, appeared in Star Trek oh in the future zero tau, by Paul Anderson, released in 1970 in which the crew moves thanks to a ship propelled with the help of a jet engine. But is it really applicable?

For Peter Schneider, a physicist at the Technical University of Vienna and co-author of the study, the answer is clear: “In interstellar space there is a very dilute gas, primarily hydrogen. If we can collect hydrogen around the spacecraft using a magnetic funnel, we can run a fusion reactor and speed up the spacecraft.”

So, operating this propulsion system in space is theoretically possible…but not within our reach yet. through accreditation On the Kardashov scaleA theoretical way of classifying civilizations based on their level of technological development and energy consumption, scholars have concluded that creating this type of architecture requires at least one type II society. However, we are still only in the first stage.

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On this exponential scale, a Type I civilization could extract all the energy available on their planet and store it for consumption. A Type II civilization can directly consume the energy of a star. Finally, a Type III civilization has the ability to draw all the energy emitted from the galaxy.

It will definitely be necessary to wait a while before reaching the next stages to finally see the spacecraft Permanent Board MemberEither flying machines or intergalactic jumps at the speed of light.

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