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Omigron. Canada and other.

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Gino Puccino

The daily bulletins of Govt-19 are with the news that there are those who are in bad shape. But “we are better than others” is, above all, aimed at neighboring America.

In short, we believe that now that the latest variant is starting to show signs of weakness, we can say that Canada has beaten this new wave better than many other countries.. Comparison with other countries in the Western world is favorable for many indicators of Canada. Canada ranks next to Spain in the number of deaths per million people since the outbreak, with only one in seven countries surveyed for less than a thousand, as a percentage of the fully vaccinated population. The only data that makes Canada appear sluggish is the percentage of the population that received the booster dose. A small 39% of people affected by delays in giving booster doses to 12-17 year olds have not yet started (Figures 1 and 2 and Table 1: data updated to 28 January 2022, source

Figure 1. Daily Govt-19 cases per million population, selected countries (1 October 2021 to 28 January 2022).

Figure 2. Daily deaths from Kovit-19 per million people in selected countries (1 October 2021 to 28 January 2022).

Table 1. Mortality and vaccination coverage statistics, selected countries (data updated to 28 January 2022)

Here again, despite the number of Govt, showing moments of strong vertical growth, we do not seem to be that scared.. The sign of addiction to bad news is the reduced risk of going to the hospital, but even here in Canada, there are daily bulletins with the news that there are those who are in bad shape. In short, “we” are better, we are better than others. The luxury of pride is certainly justified because it is supported by numbers, and above all, Because “we are better than others” is aimed at neighboring America. A formal way to remind and remind the world that Canada is not the United States. It is worth noting that Canada is the second largest country in the world by regional expansion and is separated by a land border of 8893 km from the United States. The land border is real but it divides and divides Canada and the United States as much as the sea.. Historical and political differences are preserved by that “multiculturalism,” which is rightly said to be Canada’s primary, and the recognition and encouragement to retain one’s own identity, Guaranteeing free and universal health care in a country where more than 50 percent of students are fluent in a language other than English, as far as absolute equal rights and health are concerned. This may also be one of the keys to understanding the differences in favor of Canada in better management of the epidemic. One big difference: 880 deaths per million in Canada and 2651 deaths in the United States Country rather than their health For profit A good 10% of its citizens who find it difficult to cover insurance costs are completely excluded from health care.

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However, there are some gray areas in Canada that are a significant weakness, preventing the death toll from being even lower.: Canadian hospitals have fewer beds filling up faster than the United States. 92% in Ontario Skills Slides 07 January 2022.pdf? cmp = apple-news_cbc-news) And 152% of beds in Quebec, 79% of beds in the United States ( Another weakness in Canada is the severe chronic shortage of nurses, which puts it on the shoulders of those who have endured drastic changes. Many people quit their jobs because they cannot accept it. “Many will die because we are few. “In an interview with CBC-News on January 6 this year, Toronto nurse Birkit Umaikba said with tears in her eyes. Staff shortages have also been reported in the United StatesIt was exacerbated by the paradox of the health system itself For profit To close some hospitals forced to declare bankruptcy as the epidemic began Hold on Almost all minor surgeries (, Which ensures a large portion of the revenue in the hospital treasury.

Despite the experience of the SARS emergency in 2002, all was not well for Canada, which was surprised and unprepared to face this new wave with delayed and uncoordinated responses.. Beginning with the federal government, it appears that families, individual workers, businesses, companies and businesses, no matter how small, can be economically better protected (Trudeau affirmed in his televised speech on January 12. Maintenance Canada Emergency Business Account – CEBA), on the other hand, misses a few steps in its attempt to coordinate measures to combat the spread of the disease. Poorly managed, for example, the promise that all families can have a sufficient number of quick texts. Instead of mailing the kits, he delivered them to various provinces, where they were distributed to schools, some shopping centers, and liquor stores, such as the province of Ontario (the only approved shops selling wine and spirits) as a result of very long queues at temperatures below zero at 10 degrees. Elegant queues starting at 6 a.m., but not being able to keep a set of quick texts that quickly run out of stock after an hour of opening.

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Equally badly managed, the demand for attention of many indigenous communities (Native Canadians) has, in fact, almost failed. Many communities First Nation They have declared a state of emergency as the number of new infections spreads uncontrollably. As in existence Lake Pierskin was the first country In the north of the state of Ontario, 50% of the total population is already positive, where severe locking has been imposed. The alarm of Charles Fox, a member of Pierce’s First Nation and former Grant leader of the Nishnavbe Aski Nation, sounds a stern complaint: “Volunteers who are not yet positive go door-to-door to respond to requests for help, food, water, medicine and firewood.” Even Prime Minister Trudeau’s appeal earlier this year could have been limited to a mere call to private provinces and territories, with the promise that no citizen would be forgotten. In an effort to combat Govt-19. From December 23 until further notice, bars, nightclubs, ballrooms, gyms and any sporting event will be kept open, with the only obligation to wear a mask, from British Columbia to the province of Saskatchewan. It is the only province that does not extend the Christmas holiday period by asking students to attend school on January 4th. In the Nunavut area, only passengers who have completed the vaccination course and received the booster can enter without a 14-day isolation duty.

Big news and highly restricted activities in Quebec. From December 20, bars, theaters and gyms will be completely closed, and liquor stores, or more than 200 stores, will now be forced to show proof of vaccination. Entertainment Marijuana. The new measures provoked strong opposition from Quebec citizens, forcing the senior medical officer to resign, and accusing teachers and health workers of not having to wear N95 masks. But the announcement is the news that has spread around the world Premier Franois Legault Quebec is considering imposing a health tax on those who refuse to be vaccinated Why “10 percent of the population does not pose a risk to the health of 90 percent of the population.Causing great economic damage.

The proposal raises some doubts about the “constitutional impact”, but according to most legal experts, provinces have the power to impose direct taxes, and by paying more directly for services such as health care. And responsibly due to high cost.

Gino Puccino. Dr. lives and works in Toronto, Canada

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